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: DeVilbiss Compressors?

Nov 5th, 06, 12:33 PM
Picked up an air compressor yesterday and wanted to see how it measures up to your standards:p. It's a DeVilbiss Charge Air Pro Model # IRL6560v. It has a 15.2 scfm displacement. 13.0scfm @ 40psi. 10.5 scfm @ 90 psi. 60 Gal. tank. 6.5 hp motor. 240 volt. 15 amp. The pump is AC0171. And has a max PSI of 125. Any input is appreciated. I know nothing about this brand of compressor. I just bought it for 50$ and thought it was a pretty good deal. So I figured, why not. Thanks, Jason Hopson

Nov 5th, 06, 01:36 PM
It has the 2-cyl aluminum pump, right? It's a good home compressor. They hold-up pretty well. For $50 it was a steal if it works. Change the oil with 20W non-detergent, keep the tank drained, and it should be good for a long time. That 6.5HP thing is a lie, it's more like 3, but still good for home use.

Dan Schoenecker
Nov 5th, 06, 07:33 PM
Sounds like you got a real deal if the compressor is in good shape and the rings are good. The specs you made mention of should keep up with anything you would probably use such as HVLP gun, DA, ar other air tools. DiVilbis makes good stuff and is one of the better brands made.