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: Help - Cam Advise Needed for my 327 SBC

Brian Lewis
Nov 20th, 06, 03:07 PM
Looking to change out the cam in my 63 Nova that has a 327 SBC. I've been playing around with a ton of cams in DesktopDyno2000 and I've narrowed it down to 3 possible choices. The car has a 3.08 rear differential but will eventually be changed to a 3.73 rear end with a 200-4R Overdrive. When I change out to 245/45R17 rear tires I will have a 2,453 RPM at 75mph with a locked torque converter. Thought is to go with a 2000 or 2200rpm stall. I'm looking to make this car a daily driver with great efficiency, great idle, yet still have balls!

Engine is a 327 SBC, Edelbrock 600cfm, Edelbrock 2101 Intake, 64cc heads with a 9.5:1 compression ratio

Anyways here is what I have now, an SSI 10312, its a Advertised 290/300, Duration at .050 is 224/234, Peaks are 355hp at 6500rpm/330 TQ at 3500rpm, 181HP/263TQ at 2500rpm
This cam is just is too lopey for a daily toy, I've got the Camaro so this 63 nova needs to be more practical!

So here are my thoughts, I'm leaning towards the Competition Cam SK12-230-2 (Xtreme Energy XE250H), 250/260 advertised, duration .050 of 206/212, peaks are 328HP at 5000rpms, 387 TQ at 3500rpms, 181HP/380TQ at 2500rpm
Comp states it 'Very strong torque, excellent mileage, smooth idle.' Looks like a great match for a car cruising at 2500rpm right? Plenty of torque for acceleration when using a 3.73 rear?

Ok other other two ideas are the
Summit K1101, 325 HP at 5000rpm, 385 TQ at 3500rpm, 178/374 at 2500rpm (252/262 advertised, duration .050 of 194/204)

and the
Summit K1102, 347 HP at 5500rpm, 383 TQ at 4000rpm, 171/358 at 2500rpm (262/272 advertised, duration .050 of 204/214)

What do you guys think? I am not expert at this, so looking for any and all comments!! Thanks

Nov 20th, 06, 03:33 PM
The Comp and the two Summit cams you mentioned will have a smooth idle. The 224-234 is way too big. Of the ones you listed the Comp 206-212 is the best cam but also the most expensive.

You did not mention it but I have a Summit 214-224 in a Chevelle with a 350. Compression is too low at 8.3, 882 heads, Z/28 intake and 600 Holley. Rear is a 3.08 with 28 in tires, a powerglide and stock converter. Idle is about 750 with some "cam" sound. The car gets 16-17 gas mileage on mountain roads. Power is very acceptable with the cam pulling hard to 5500 rpm. I built the engine to put in the car with the intention of selling the car, so I bought the cheapest cam I could find. I was pleasantly surprised at the performance and drivability so I still have the car.

The Comp or the 204-214 is better suited to my needs but I did not want a stock sounding idle. I would not want anything larger than 215-220 at .050 for a daily driver.

Nov 20th, 06, 04:05 PM
I am running a 300/308 duration 515 lift in my 327 bored 30 over with 10.5 to 1 pistons and a glide with 4:11 ring, 462 64cc heads. It gets in the 1.96 60 foot times and really comes to life at 4 grand. Wish I would have went to the 280's dur range for my driving, but she sure sounds good. But I also only get 6-8 mpg.

Nov 20th, 06, 06:17 PM
Heck, with your later change's a solid lifter cam in the 268 to 272 or so range would be a dandy as would be the old Duntov, -097 cam that is almost as old as dirt!

Just use good springs like the Z-28, (-142), jobbers is all.

CC's 270S cam, Isky's Z-20 and Crower make's a small one too.

Don't be fooled b/c the old Duntov look's like a little-bitty bugger AND rightly so BUT it was made for the big hp, 283's and 340 and 360hp/327's back then.

AND I'm here to tell you that it will rpm about as high as you will have nerve enough to stick your foot in her!!

And fwiw, I would use Fel-pro's #1094, .015" shims to up your CR to about 9.75 or so too!! The closer you can get her to about 10 to 1, the better she will run and on GOOD pump gas too.


Nov 20th, 06, 10:10 PM
I am running a similar combo as you are. I have found that it is very easy to over cam these engines. The best cams that I have found are solid cams, either the Crower or an Engle cam. I have yet to try it, but I am thinking of the Engle EP-22. I am currently running an Ultradyne Ultra-street Hydraulic Cam the 270/270 with .460/.460 lift, and I feel it is too large. I like the crower and engle cams as they seem to be more tailored to your compression and stall, which seems to be citical with 327's. The Isky also seems like a good cam to use. I have not looked at their hydraulic line, but they too seem to take into account the compression.

Brian Lewis
Nov 21st, 06, 07:54 AM
Thanks TJS69,

I looked at the Isky 201257 and 201264 and although they were decent, the CompCam 12-230-2 seemed to be better than those.
I just now looked at the Crower line, 00902 and 00915 get beat by the Comp Cam above, as well as their 00238 (250 duration Mileage Performance) cam.
Also looked at their level 2 performance (267 duration) 00240 and it only does 160hp/337tq at 2500rpms, well below the CompCam 12-230-2 and 12-234-2. The solid series is designed for 2000-6000rpm range with lopey idle, and just can't give a decent torque at cruise 170hp/357tq compared to the CompCams.

Nov 21st, 06, 01:16 PM
What heads do you have ? I have the camel backs which really seem to choke the engine. I have to agree with PDQ that using a small cam with these heads is the way to go. Sure it is 60's technology but, that's when 327's were king ! Most cam manufactures use 350's for test mules and I believe the 327 is a totally different animal ! IMHO
Maybe a 350 HP cam is the way to go ? My 327 will not RPM over 5000 RPM ! I thought it was my fuel pump, changed it, and still won't go. I think it's the mismatched cam. I am running 4:11 gears and it still doesn't RPM !!

Nov 21st, 06, 05:28 PM
May just be valve springs??


Nov 21st, 06, 06:30 PM
heads. they want heads. My 327 went from a 5000 rpm motor to a 6200 rpm motor with just a set of iron eagles. Don't know 'bout no "computer dyno" but she ran real good with a comp 270 (224 - .470) in a stick shift car.

Nov 21st, 06, 06:42 PM
I use the XE-256 in a 350 with a manual trans and a 3.00 rear end. It works really well as a driver. Not a rocket ship for the first 50 feet but with a q-jet it gets real good gas mileage. Your 327 isn't going to have the low speed of a 350 but you have much more gear in anything but OD. Try the XE256 I really think you will be happy.

Brian Lewis
Nov 21st, 06, 06:53 PM
This is all I got on the heads:
64cc iron heads with 2.02" (intake) and 1.60" (exhaust)
swirl-polished stainless steel valves with bronze guides

Figured out alot more though! Basically Cruise RPM isn't the most important for torque, I don't need butt loads of torque necessarily while in Overdrive, a good amount is fine. Whats more important is the torque curve when I step on the gas, the trans drops a gear and then I want acceleration, thus I need to be on that torque sweep when the engine rpm jumps up from the shift. Here is my results:
cruise at 55 - 1775rpm - Step on Gas - Jumps to 1:1 gearing, 2,649rpm all the way to 4334rpm at 90mph
cruise at 65 - 2100rpm - Step on Gas - Jumps to 1:1 gearing, 3,130rpm all the way to 4334rpm at 90mph
cruise at 75 - 2420rpm - Step on Gas - Jumps to 1:1 gearing, 3,612rpm all the way to 4334rpm at 90mph

This is with 3.73 Rear End Ratio and 255/45R17 rear tires

40mph is 4951rpm in 1st gear, drops to 2nd gear 3,024
65mph is 4914rpm in 2nd gear, drops to 3rd gear 3,130
105mph is 5,056rpm in 3rd gear, drops to 4rd at 3,388

So banging thru at full throttle I need to have a torque curve from 3000 to 5000 for best acceleration. Also when cruising at 55/65/75 the trans will jump into third at 2649/3130/3612 and need to accelerate up to 4334 if I wanted to get up to 90. Both those curves are in the 3000-5000 range, so finding a cam that fits the bill seems pretty straight forward:

Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 268H does great all the way from 2000-5200 rpm with 345 torque at cruise
Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 262H does great all the way from 2000-5200 rpm with 361 torque at cruise
Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 256H does great all the way from 2000-5000 rpm with 371 torque at cruise
Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 250H does great all the way from 2000-4700 rpm with 380 torque at cruise
Summit K1102 does great all the way from 2000 to 5000 rpm with 358 torque at cruise

The 256H (212 duration at .050) is listed as Strong torque thru low and mid-range, good idle
The 262H (218 duration at .050) is listed as Excellent response, good mid-range, noticeable idle.
The 268H (224 duration at .050) is listed as Great for street machines, largest cam for stock converter

If it was just a weekend toy like my Camaro I'd say 268H! But it looks like the 256H or 262H will be a better match for my intended purpose of this Nova.

btw the Factory 327/350 cam 3863151 doesn't play out well at all on desktopdyno, its has terrible results.

Nov 21st, 06, 09:27 PM
Is the sound of the idle important? If not go with the 256--If you want a slight "cam" sound go with the 262.

It very easy to play what if and run dyno sims all day long. The facts are (regardless of what the dyno sims say) there will be less than 20 ft lbs of torque( most likely at about 300 rpm higher for the larger cam)and most likely less than 15 horsepower between the two cams (also at about 300 higher peak for the larger cam). Any cam significantly larger than the 262 will be sluggish in a 327 off idle to about 2500 rpm with an auto trans. You could put a stall converter in but that would not be efficient as a daily driver.

So... it boils down to how you are wanting for the car to sound. Stock-256 A slightly rough idle-262.

Nov 22nd, 06, 05:04 AM
The old -151 cam really need's 11 to 1 CR. just like way back then in a 327 motor!

I daily drove one from 1200 miles from new for years in my L-48, 10 to 10.25 or so CR, 350SS motor back then.

Talk about a bottom to mid 2nd gear to the top of 3rd gear charge!

Pulled like a Freight-train!!


Nov 24th, 06, 06:22 PM
I think those cams may be a little too small for a true 9.5:1 engine on pump gas. Those cams are better suited for a 8.5:1 engine. If you don't mind lashing the valves once a year, try the Clevite 229-1998. Its a small solid with 219/228 @ .050 on a 114 LSA. Should do real well in a 327 w/ an overdrive. The Comp 262 XE will do well too for a hydraulic or the Summit K1103 at 214/224. You need a little duration with your compression to run pump gas safely. FWIW I run a 9.2:1 327 with a solid rated at 225 @.050 on 108 LSA with a 700R4 and 3.55 gears and it does fine with a 2200 RPM stall. For a daily driver a wider LSA will be better for mileage. The 114 LSA in the Clevite cam will give a very smooth idle and mileage and would be my pick for a daily driven 327.

Nov 24th, 06, 08:38 PM
Unless you have an overdriven 6-71 sitting on top, it ain't going to make 380 ft-lbs at 2500 rpms ;)
A true 9.5:1 compression will be iffy on anything less than 93 octane with the XE250 or 256 cams in OD. From my own experience, if you use the 3.73's and 200r4, I would lean towards the 214/224 summit cam (works great in a 9.5-1 327), or one of the comp cams extreme 4x4 cams, like the 218/226@.050 grind. Camel hump heads don't have the modern style fast burn combustion chambers which makes them more detonation sensitive.

Brian Lewis
Jan 24th, 07, 07:46 PM
Well two different engineers at Competition Cams both told me the XE256H would be the perfect cam for a 327, 9.5:1,
Quadrajet 750, 3.55 or 3.73 rear with 200-4R. This was from two different inquiries to their Tech Line, on two different
days, and in both cases they recommended that cam, I didn't volunteer that I was looking at that cam. They also both
told me that I don't want to go any higher than the 256H (I asked about a 262 or 268) because of the 327 size in that
the 256 in a 327ci will behave like a 262H in a 350ci. (Every 25 cu in drop you need to drop duration 5)
We'll see soon enough. Actually I have assembled the engine and have everything hooked up for Cam Breakin Tomorrow
Morning!! Granted I still don't have a 200-4R or 3.55 (3.08 with TH350 right now) but thats the next project.

Jan 25th, 07, 08:32 AM
Heck, after it's all said and done, I bet the old -929 cam will do you great!!

The 275 and 300hp/327 hy-cam stock jobber at 195/202!!


Jan 25th, 07, 09:13 AM
Motor Machine & Supply are camshaft brokers. They can from the valve sizes, or better yet the head flow figures and other relevant engine spec data, compute the cam timing required for maximum power. The program they use has been used to predict, to the degree, the event timing of Pro Stock and even Formula 1 cars. they can then search for an off the shelf match. If you purchase the cam from them (they pretty much have the lowest prices out there) the computation service will be free. the # to call is (520)-792-1156 they are based in tucson AZ

Brian Lewis
Jan 25th, 07, 11:07 AM
Well I fired her up this morning!! She runs great!! Broke the cam in, adjusted the timing, drove her around and it seems to be a great match so far for my 327. Idles smooth which is what I was after, yet has tons of power. Ahh now to save up for the 200-4R....

68Lemans blue
Jan 25th, 07, 11:44 AM
Cool Brian :Glad all worked out for you on that project as I was following along , :yes: looks very nice ...,200r4 looking at that too ,bowtie Overdrives level2 1100.00$$ any other company out there??? you lookin at...Happy Motoring...Going to have a beer for you tonite, while I just sit and look at my car,this weekend will be working on my fuel system...:beers:

Brian Lewis
Jan 25th, 07, 12:38 PM
Yep, mainly looking at Phoenix Transmissions ($1595 + converter) because they are close to me, or which sells a 200-4R built for up to 500hp with a 1200 stall converter for $1295 or 2500 stall for $1355, from the specs its comparable to the Level 2 of BowTie and includes the converter and shipping so its actually cheaper. I'll eventually though want to switch out the column to a Flaming River with column shift because thats what I'm after on this Nova, so there is a ton of other parts I would need to make all that happen. Might try to get the Trans plus one of those BowTie crossmembers and TV made Easy kits first and then down the road switch out the column/shifter.

68Lemans blue
Jan 26th, 07, 06:22 AM
Thank You Brian ,will look into ,always want the best deal and quality ,homework is important....I did have that beer for you last nite....Happy Motoring

Jan 26th, 07, 08:24 AM
I was going to suggest that you run the little Clevite solid lifter cam through D2k too llike Wheels68 mentioned earlier just to see how it did??

Clevite PN 229-1998; 258/219/270/229, 114/110, .456"/.479", and lash at .022" and .022".

Which cam did you end up going with?


Brian Lewis
Jan 26th, 07, 01:02 PM
Competition Cams XE256H as recommended by two Competition Cams engineers. Produces more torque in the low range which is what I need for the overdrive future.
Duration @ 0.006" 256 / 268
Duration @ 0.050" 212 / 218
Max Lift w/ 1.5RR 447 / .454
Lobe Separation 110
Manifold Vacuum 18.5" Hg @ 800 RPM & 20" Hg @ 1000 RPM w/ no load.
Smooth Idle

Jan 26th, 07, 04:57 PM
Competition Cams XE256H as recommended by two Competition Cams engineers. Produces more torque in the low range which is what I need for the overdrive future.
Duration @ 0.006" 256 / 268
Duration @ 0.050" 212 / 218
Max Lift w/ 1.5RR 447 / .454
Lobe Separation 110
Manifold Vacuum 18.5" Hg @ 800 RPM & 20" Hg @ 1000 RPM w/ no load.
Smooth Idle

Are the vacuum numbers listed here projected by Comp? I noticed you listed different vacuum numbers (lower) on the other post. Which were taken from your engine?

You engine looks very neat. I know you have had to correct a lot of things but you now have an engine that should be very reliable and economical. Let us know what kind of gas mileage you get with this combo. Best of luck, Billy

Brian Lewis
Jan 26th, 07, 05:28 PM
The 18-20 is projected by CC for a 350cu in
I am running this cam on a 327 and getting 16.5, I have not adjusted the carb but since its a custom built by SMI I don't know if I will be able to get much more vacuum then that.
Just filled her to the brim with 93 octane Chevron, hope to test out the MPG on the current setup (3.08 open rear) in the near future.

Jan 26th, 07, 05:56 PM
Brian, that engine photo looks WAY too familiar. I have a 327 in my '65 CII with a performer intake and late model electric choke Q-jet. If it was not for your valve covers (and cleaner engine), I'd think I was standing in my garage! ;)

What are the full specs of your engine? I'd love to know all details, as my combo / car is very similar. What headers are those? How's the fit? :)

EDIT... never mind on the headers.... I see you have an aftermarket clip. What size wheels and tires? The car really looks great! You should visit the forums at if you are not already a member. :)

Brian Lewis
Jan 26th, 07, 06:25 PM
327 from a 65 Chevelle, 2.02/1.6 valved heads, 2101 intake, stage 2 quadrajet from SMI, XE256H Competition Cam, Hedman 68160 ceramic coated locally, Mr Gasket 5907 header gaskets, all details at Doesn't matter about the aftermarket clip, they are designed for stock nova too! Yep I visit Steve's Nova Site but this forum is better! I have 15"x7 rims right now, going to switch out to 215/45R17 Front and 255/45R17 Rear eventually

Here are a few
Rebuilt Early 327 with Forged Steel Crankshft, Flat Top Pistons,
64 cc heads with stainless 2.02" intake and 1.60" exhaust valves,
Competition Cams XE256H 12-234-2 .447" intake/.454" exhaust 256/268 advertised duration, 212/218 duration at .050
Competition Cams 981-16 Valve Springs
SMI Quadrajet Stage 2 Custom Built - JET:74 / ROD:42K / SEC:AU
Edelbrock 2101 Performer Intake Manifold
Edelbrock 7201 Intake Manifold Gasket
ProComp GM HEI Distributor PC-6001 with Vacuum Advance and MSD-8428 Advance Kit
Mallory 8mm ProWires
Mellings 55HV High Volume Oil Pump
NGK UR4 Sparkplugs
March Performance Aluminum Underdrive Pulleys
Proform 67265 Aluminum High Flow Pump coated with Eastwood DiamondShield Satin
Proform 141-750 Crinkle Black Valve Covers
Proform 141-750 Crinkle Black Breather
Proform 141-753 Crinkle Black Timing Chain Cover
Flexalite 5555 Thermal Fan Clutch
FlexaLite 5717 17" Fan Blade
Mr Gasket 8428 180 degree high flow thermostat
Felpro 35562T Neoprene Water Outlet Gasket
Stock SBC Fan Shroud 3878892
Billet Specialties Billet Oil Dipstick 40120
Energy Suspension 3-1120G Motor and Transmission Poly Mounts
Professional Products Powerforce 6.75" Harmonic Balancer P/N 80000
Summit G3000B 3/4" Raised Air Cleaner Base
Summit G3150B Quadrajet to Fuel Pump Plumbing Kit Black
Summit 220667B 6AN to 5/8-18 Male Inverted Flare Adapters in Black to accept newer style Quadrajet and stock pump
Summit G3500X 4qt Steel SBC Oil Pan painted Eastwood ChassisBlack
Felpro OS34510T - Thick Oil Pan Gasket Set

Brian Lewis
Jan 27th, 07, 08:43 PM
Here is my camshaft: XE256H CC
387/388 torque at 3500/4000, 348 hp at 5000
2500 cruise rpm = 372torque/177hp

Here is a Clevite Solid Cam 229-1998 that PDQ wanted me to run D2K on
406 torque at 4000, 369 hp at 5500
2500 cruise rpm = 378torque/180hp

Jan 27th, 07, 09:03 PM
Seems to me like quite an optimistic power graph for an essentially stock 327. I would estimate the brake hp at around 305 or so @ 5100 rpm with a torque peak at 3900 rpm of 346#ft.

Brian Lewis
Jan 27th, 07, 09:30 PM
This isn't a stock motor, it has flat top pistons with 9.47:1 compression, big valve heads, hedman headers, edelbrock intake, custom 750 quadrajet, smaller march performance pulleys. This was originally a a 327/300hp 65 Chevelle block and the camshaft is designed for lower end torque/hp.

Jan 27th, 07, 10:37 PM
A stock, 300hp/327 is well, 300hp and 360 t with the old -929 cam at 195/202, 112/108, .390"/.410" lift.

Drop in a 268/218, 110/106, .440"/.440" net lift solid cam and watch it pick right up..

I'm using medium valve bowl blended heads and open small headers..

Make it a stock bowl-blend headed 365hp/327 with open headers and use a good old Isky Z-30 solid lifter cam and it will make right at 450hp per D2k..

And you talk about run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 27th, 07, 11:24 PM
There wasn't a 327/275 available in a Chevelle in 1965. You could get one rated at 250 hp or 300 hp, but not 275. Both had flat top pistons and 10:1 compression and used the same cam.

Brian Lewis
Jan 28th, 07, 07:31 AM
As edited early my typo, it was a 327/300, and the camshaft GM originally used was a
3896929 Hyd. - 195/202 - .390/.410 – 11/108 - 327 300 HP
So if GM got 300hp out of a 327 with 195/202 lift with exhaust manifold whats to say I can't get more out of a 327 with modern computer designed 212/218 lift with headers?
CC used a 350 with 9.25:1 and got 411 torque@3600rpm and 330 hp@4700rpm
I do understand that D2K will be higher than it is truely. If I'm getting 348 torque and 305 hp I'm plenty happy! Sounds like plenty of power on tap for my Monday thru Friday toy, leaving my 383 Camaro to tear up the rubber if I need to get anything out of my system.

Jan 28th, 07, 08:40 AM
According to the NHRA, the cam in the 327/300 in 1965 was the .399"/.399" lift version. The .390"/.410" cam didn't appear until 1967.

I think that DD2K is overly optimistic in its estimations as it seems to lack some very real inputs that significantly affect power. EA3.2 seems to think your engine power curve looks like the following if I use a belt driven water pump and clutch fan, no windage tray, standard friction rings and pistons, stock 462 heads with 2.02"/1.6" valves, street dual plane, 750 carb, 1-1/2" x 30" primaries, 8" collector and typical 2.5" exhaust.

RPM···········1500····2000····2500····3000····3500 ····4000····4500····5000····5500····6000
Brake_Tq······258·····303·····327·····339·····345· ····358·····347·····317·····264·····215
Brake_HP······73.6····116·····156·····194·····230· ····273·····297·····302·····277·····246
Exh_Pres······.1······.1······.2······.4······.5·· ····.8······1.0·····1.2·····1.3·····1.3
Int_Vacuum····.2······.3······.6······.6······.6·· ····.6······.6······.6······.7······.7
Vol_Eff_%·····73.1····76.9····81.0····85.4····88.8 ····93.6····94.8····93.1····87.5····82.7
Actual_CFM····112·····156·····206·····261·····316· ····381·····434·····474·····490·····505
Fuel_Flow·····40.7····57.2····75.3····95.3····116· ····139·····159·····173·····179·····185
A/F_Mix_Qal···82.3····95.8····100.0···100.0···100.0· ··100.0···100.0···100.0···100.0···100.0
BSFC··········.554····.495····.484····.492····.502 ····.511····.533····.573····.647····.751
BSAC··········6.946···6.208···6.071···6.166···6.30 3···6.408···6.691···7.185···8.113···9.419
Friction_HP···11······18······26······37······49·· ····66······87······113·····144·····179
Mach_#········.137····.183····.229····.274····.320 ····.366····.412····.457····.503····.549
Piston_Spd····813·····1083····1354····1625····1896 ····2167····2438····2708····2979····3250
Piston_Gs·····133·····237·····371·····534·····727· ····949·····1201····1483····1794····2136
Int_AvgVel····88······118·····147·····176·····206· ····235·····265·····294·····323·····353
In_InertiaPrs·.0······.3······.8······1.3·····1.7· ····2.0·····2.1·····2.0·····1.7·····1.5
In_ResTunPrs··0.0·····0.0·····0.0·····.0······.0·· ····.0······.0······0.0·····0.0·····0.0
Ex_AvgVel·····111·····147·····184·····221·····258· ····295·····332·····368·····405·····442
Lifter_Pump_UpNone····None····None····None····None ····None····None····None····None····None
Spark_Adv·····23······25······28······29······30·· ····31······32······33······34······34

Estimated intake vacuum - 16.1"hg
Estimated cranking compression - 185#

Brian Lewis
Jan 28th, 07, 09:03 AM
Good to know! Now my concern is my transmission. I am replacing it and my thought is a 200-4R, but that puts my cruise rpm at 2420rpm at 75mph if I changeout the rear to 3.73, I'm hoping that 327 torque and 156 hp will be sufficient to cruise, you think?

Jan 28th, 07, 09:15 AM
The 156 hp is at WOT, you actual cruising power production will be quite a bit less and it should cruise quite well. The 327#ft of torque would be more than sufficient. The figure I would look for at the A/F mixture quality becoming 100%, which means that the engine is running fast enough to reduce the effects of the overlap.

Jan 28th, 07, 09:30 AM

I stand corrected b/c I always figured all those old engines used the old -929 cam.

And here is a link telling it like you are that I just hadn't looked over all that good..

The way I look at it, they did use ALMOSTthe same cam b/c I bet there isn't a nickel's worth of difference in the end between the cam you are talking about and the -929 after it is all said and done with.. But rightly so, I need to be more accurate on this..

Thanks for pointing it out to me and everybody else.


Jan 28th, 07, 09:51 AM
I have a tough time making much sense out of the Corvette cam specs. I tried to compare the 3732798 cam to the 3663152 cam and there seems to be a large difference in duration and lobe centers, unless I'm reading things wrong.

Jan 28th, 07, 10:56 AM
I tend to go by "Chevy Power", but that said, I'm not too sure those books are right ALL the time??