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: Picking a color ... aaaaaaaggghhhhh !!!!

May 10th, 02, 10:16 AM
Well, I'm at the point where I have to make the final decision on the color of my '69 Camaro.

I can't decide !!!! I change my mind about every hour or so !!!

I've narrowed it down to these....

(1) 2000 Viper Steel Grey Metallic... http://www.dodge-vipers.com/owners/turton.html
Pros: Unique, looks wicked with black accents
Cons: More subtle, doesnt scream for attention/head turner

(2) Red with white stripes
(3) Red with black stripes
Pros: Eye catching, looks sweet
Cons: Been there, done that(every car I own is red), "oh another red 1st gen......yawn......next...", picking which shade of red (there are thousands !!!), screams for attention from the police too

(4) Black with silver stripes
Pros: Nothing looks meaner than a CLEAN black car
Cons: Making it be a clean black car all the time, hot, shows every inperfection

I've pretty much ruled out the blues, greens, yellow and my wife hates orange....

The car is not anywhere near factory stock and has been build more like a Pro-touring/G-machine, so factory correct color is not even an issue. The car is lowered 2 inches, and will have 17 or 18 inch rims, probably 5 spokes of some sort.

I know everyone says paint it the color you want , not what everyone else wants/thinks is cool, but its such a huge decision. My greatest fear is I'll have spent all of this money and time and then hate the color I picked !!!!

My head hurts !!!!!! I cant tell you how many times I've changed my mind..... defintely the grey......... well maybe the red.... definitely the red, but which shade..... which stripe color..... no wait... defintely the grey...... aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

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May 10th, 02, 11:11 AM
What year is your camaro?
I'm going to paint mine Daytona yellow
with black stripes( 69 RS )
It was original butternut yellow ( to dull for me ) I think different years look good in different colors. 70 - 73 camaros look cool in a charcoal grey with black stripes.
First gens look good in YELLOW/BLACK, LIGHT BLUE/WHITE, RED/BLACK, I guess that list goes on and on ! !You gotta pick whats right for you. Start looking thru your super chevy magazines, look @ peoples cars on this site and get some ideas !! I think picking a color you'll be happy with in the long run is important. Also if you an all original
69 ZL1 or a C.O.P.O. or Z28 SS/RS with disc
brakes, then I would strongly consider going original. GOOD LUCK ! !


May 10th, 02, 12:45 PM
If you like red..Try chryslers Garnet red or Black with grey stripes..If still undecided try ..House of colors..They have some nice cool colors ...But most important take your time...Good luck..

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May 10th, 02, 01:10 PM
I like primary colors on first gens: red, yellow, blue.

If I had to paint my car I would seriously consider moving from red to blue with white stripes and swap the black interior over to white.

I really like the Volkswagen "Blue Lagoon" they are putting on the new Jettas. It's a not too bright electric blue pearl- would really look sharp on a First Gen.! Looks similar to Dodge Viper blue but much better depth.

If you are really stuck on red how about a nice deep (but not too dark!) ruby metallic shade with white stripes?

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May 10th, 02, 03:51 PM
I just went through the EXACT same agony. I would look at magazines, go to car shows and ask the people for the color code, and look at later model factory cars on the road. I am very happy with the color I picked out. It's a Ford Truck 96-98 royal blue pearl with white Z28 stripes. Actually, I just got my car back today. I see a lot of people using the late model C5 corvette red with white stripes. My car used to be painted that color scheme, and I liked. I would probably stay away from black unless you are willing to spend the money to get the body perfect, cuz like you said it will show every imperfection

stevo camaro
May 10th, 02, 05:20 PM
I'm going thru it too. I don't know what to tell you cause I don't even know what to tell myself! http://www.camaros.net/forum/wink.gif

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May 11th, 02, 09:00 AM
If blues, yellows and oranges are out, then it's not a real tough decision...I'd stay away from common red...try Maroon/black or maroon and silver that always looks good, or go with your choice of Black/silver.

May 11th, 02, 05:40 PM
You might even consider not so common original colors. '67 Royal Plum (or whatever it was called?)for example? What about the original color to your car, even if it isn't going back to stock?

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May 12th, 02, 02:55 AM
I like the Viper gray. The other day I saw a BMW Z3 in whatever gray they have and loved it. Kind of reminds me of the old Gunmetal Gray from the 60's or so. In the end, it's your personal choice.

Rick Dorion
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May 12th, 02, 03:14 AM
I know you don't want blue, but what about that funky Corvette ZO6 blue that just came out?

THAT will get you noticed.

By the way, mine's Grotto Blue with a white top/bumblebee. It downplays the little rumble it makes...and women really love the color. Of course, so does my wife http://www.camaros.net/forum/biggrin.gif

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May 12th, 02, 08:25 PM
As far as silver I like the new ford silver. Got killer flakes in it and it stands out like screams attention. That's a problem with finding the right silver.
The corvette blue would look better with pearl white stripes instead of just plain ole white stripes.
I'm painting my buddies 69 with 98 GM camaro purple with pearl white stripes.
The 68 I'm doing for myself will be 2-tone purple with orange.
I also like a super deep Green, yes I said green with alot of pearl concentrate to give it that deep look. If you really like a hot red check out my site and look at my MonteSS. I can't remeber the year without going outside and looking it up for you but it's a toyota color/ cop magnet.
Your likely to be like me. I'll get a few colors and make the final decision on paint day.HAHA.
Good luck, trying to help.


Also let me add though, there aint nothing sweeter than a perfect black paint job with no other colors.

May 12th, 02, 08:26 PM
ooops forgot
www.angelfire.com/ky2/mycars (http://www.angelfire.com/ky2/mycars)