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: Did all 1969 Z28's come standard with a tach?

Jan 5th, 07, 08:03 PM
I was trying to find out if ALL 1969 Z28's came with a Tachometer standard or was it an option?
Does anybody know where I can find a list of what was included when a 1969 Z28 was ordered?


Jan 5th, 07, 08:17 PM
it was an option on a z28 in 69. ive had two z28's and both of them didnt have the tach.

Jan 5th, 07, 08:42 PM
At the start of the 1969 model year factory gauges [U17, including tach] were optional on all 8 cylinder Camaros. This required ordering a console. Early in 1969 Chevrolet made it possible to order a tachometer [U16] without the other gauges and console. About that time a tachometer became a required option when ordering a Z/28.

While many Z/28s had the factory gauges, it was neither included nor required until that time. Starting around early May 1969 all Z/28s had a tachometer.

Chevy used 3 tachometers on Z/28s: 6000 red line/7000 rpm until early 1969, 6000 red line/8000 rpm until mid October 1969, 6500 red line/8000 rpm for the last few weeks of production. 6500 red line tachs are rare.

For more information http://www.camaros.org/