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: Tips to install a BW Super T-10 in a auto '67

Jan 9th, 07, 08:07 PM
Auto to Manual conversion using a Borg Warner super t-10 4 speed transmission in an automatic 67.

Id like to provide some helpful information when installing a super T-10 in a first gen camaro.

1. The stock 4 speed/pwrglide/T350 crossmember will work with no modifications necessary.
2. The driveshaft does not need to be shortened but a Turbo 400 style yoke needs to be installed in place of the 4 speed/pwrglide/T350 yoke.
3. Hurst installation kit 3738609 with shifter 3914339 should be used. But, mounting plate 1957773 will give you a much better shifter location. So you should use all the parts in the 3738609 kit except for the mounting plate and the spacer. You will need to bend the 3rd/4th gear rod slightly to avoid interference with the 1st/2nd gear rod.
4. Some slight tunnel cutting will be necessary (if you had auto floor shift). My pictures show too big of a hole. I had a competition shifter with a straight output and switched later to the 3914339.

Parts list:

1. Clutch and brake pedal assy. Along with 4 plastic bushings. 4 bushings are used in an automatic but they need replacing. Note that 67 pedals are different that 68 and 69.
2. Hurst installation kit 3738609 and shifter 3914339
3. mounting plate: 1957773
4. Bellhousing (decide if you want 10 or 11 style and buy the same size components)
5. Bellhousing inspection cover
6. Clutch fork
7. Clutch fork ball stud
8. Clutch linkage kit
9. Clutch pedal bumper
10. flywheel
11. clutch/brake pedal pads
12. clutch/brake pedal pad chrome trim
13. clutch kit (clutch, pressure plate, pilot bearing, through out bearing, alignment tool)
14. shifter boot
15. shifter boot hold down ring

Jan 10th, 07, 02:55 PM

Nice job on this ! Maybe Al, Jim, Dennis or Chris can make a sticky on it. Also, if you measured the cut out on the trans tunnel and made a template, i'm sure those making the conversion will fine it very useful.

Jan 10th, 07, 09:02 PM

Thanks. I've been helped many times from this board. But too often people find answers to questions and don't post the results.
I will post some dimensions of the tunnel when I get a chance.

Jan 20th, 07, 04:25 PM

Mar 2nd, 07, 08:05 AM
Mounting plate 1957773 is made by Hurst and can be found here:

Oct 1st, 07, 07:29 PM
I am doing a similar conversion. from a saginaw three speed to a borg warner 4 speed. Should I have to make any modifications to my console to fit the borg warner shifter. I have the same shifter kit as you do (Hurst installation kit 3738609 and shifter 3914339) the curved shifter install kit.

Oct 2nd, 07, 07:49 PM
I did not have to make any mods to the console but on the other hand, my console is not screwed/mounted to the body. It just rests on the carpet. It doesn't move so I don't see a need to screw it down.

Nov 22nd, 08, 04:57 PM
I know this post was written a while ago, but i just wanted to thank you for this very helpful insite! I was going nuts trying to figure out this problem, even with the help of venders.:hurray:

Aug 23rd, 09, 06:41 AM
Old post indeed but sure was helpful to me, I am trying to do the same thing on a 68 with a 3138 Hurst oem shifter and the shifter was never in the right place until I read this post. Now I am going to order the 1957773 mounting plate and it will hopefully solve my problem. By the way, my Super T10 has a speedo exiting on the right side and my firewall has the hole on the left side, just below the clutch rod, which lenght cable should I use and what should the routing be ? Frank.

Jan 23rd, 10, 04:42 PM
any problems with the transmission mount lining up, mine is way off....

Jan 23rd, 10, 06:39 PM
do you mean the rear trans mount ? lining up with what ?

May 15th, 10, 12:05 AM
I have a 1980 BW Super T-10 that I installed in my 1968 Firebird back in 1981.
It has less than 30K original miles. Still shifts great! Does not need a rebuild.
The old man wants to go back to an automatic.

I have all the pieces necessary to install it in a 67-69 Firebird or Camaro. Tranny, Hurst shifter, frame pieces, bell housing, clutch & pressure plate, foot pedals, wiring harness, yoke.

Anyone interested in buying?


May 15th, 10, 05:36 AM
Urgh. I'd buy it in a second at the right price, even though I have a bunch of other, more important projects. I hate the powerglide! Too bad you're way up in the Great White North.

May 15th, 10, 11:14 AM
I bought my daughters a New Beetle from VA 2 years ago and had it shipped up.

I will post pictures later in the week.


Eric Kammerer
May 15th, 10, 11:20 AM
For sale ads don't belong here in the tech forums, so your post may get deleted.

Post in the classified forum, or out in the main classifieds here on the site.

Jan 2nd, 11, 05:36 PM
Ok, I'm bumping an old one here, but I can't seem to find the information that I'm looking for.

I'm converting a 69 firebird from an auto to a manual and have (what I believe to be) the manual pedals ready to install. However, I'm confused how they mount to the bracket. It appears that they will not fit in the space that the automatic fit in. The section that the pin goes through is the same width on each manual pedal as the single automatic brake pedal. Do I need a whole new mounting bracket?

Jan 2nd, 11, 05:45 PM
Also, will the pin (for the automatic brake pedal) fit? I don't believe it will be long enough.

Jan 3rd, 11, 04:15 AM
For what it's worth, I didn't have to do any cutting on my floor board to fit a Super T10 in my 69.

Jan 8th, 11, 08:04 AM
The bracket itself is the same for automatic or stick. One thing is that a lot of people think that 67-69 are all the same. 67-68 is one 69 is another and I am not 100% sure 67-68 pedals will fit in a 69 bracket or vice versa, hopefully someone else will chime in here. I currently have a BW super T-10 in my 68 Camaro which has an original stick shift floor. I did not have to cut but had to modify my shifter a little bit in order not to cut. A stick shift 69 Firebird has a stick shift hole that is flame cut from the factory, not so beautiful. If you don't want to go to the trouble of making your shifter fit in that very hole, I'm sure it can be opened up a bit and not be uglier than the factory hole...

Feb 1st, 11, 05:25 PM
Is the bracket that Frank 350 is talking about for a 69 longer? I've been rocking along for years with a pedal assembly I bought from someone who said it was for a Camaro and it didn't fit when I tried to mount it up the other day. The original auto bracket for my 68 is about 14 inches long discounting the four bolts that go through the firewall and the other is about 15 and a half.

Apr 29th, 13, 05:07 PM

Thank you so much for posting this all those years ago. I'm putting a Hurst 3914339 in place of the old SERCO shifter I've had backing my Super T-10 for the past 20 or so years. The existing mounting plate for the old shifter won't work, so your suggestion of ordering plate #1957773 is much appreciated. I'll report back on this thread as to my success/challenges.

Thanks again, the pics and explanations have been very helpful.

Jun 25th, 13, 03:32 PM
Update on my Hurst Shifter install on Super T-10:

After ordering Hurst installation kit 3738609, I discoverd some key differences between old style Super T-10s and the later models used on F bodys in the 70s-80s. The shift arms will NOT work with the old style T-10, as the mounts on the shift forks are angled at 45 degrees. The newer models are closer to straight up and down. I wound up using my old shift arms that were connected to the old shifter and rods.

Also, the speedometer cable goes in on the drivers side on the older T-10s and its location required some creative bending to clear the speedo cable as well as the reverse shifter arm.

Finally, the reverse shift rod was hitting the transmission mount, and I had to grind off the corner of the mount to get it to shift freely.

All in all, it was a lot of modification to make the shifter work, but it is a HUGE improvement, and I'm glad I did it.

Once again, thanks for posting this thread, I would not have known which mounting plate and installation kit to order had it not been for this website.