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Old Nov 19th, 12, 07:46 AM
joyce69 joyce69 is offline

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Unhappy remove windshield header molding

1969 Camaro convertible - Pace Car - bought after market 2 piece windshield header moldings. Had to almost beat them on due to poor fit, chrome peeled off during installation. Getting originals rechromed but now can't get after market ones off. I didn't take the originals off, the person who did is not available. Any suggestions?
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Old Nov 19th, 12, 08:35 AM
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Wink Re: remove windshield header molding

Hard to give exact directions/information without knowing for sure how or what they used to install the new ones

There is some great information in past threads about how folks went about getting their mouldings off the cars.
Here's just one -
1968 Convertible
Some trucks
Other V8 things - some of which float
Other V6 things - none of which float
Oh yeah, and 1 "Straight-Six" ...

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Old Nov 19th, 12, 12:19 PM
RSSS69 RSSS69 is offline
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Default Re: remove windshield header molding

I'm building a 67 rs conv for a customer and his original header bow chrome was rusted beyond repair. Had to buy repos and they do not fit well at all where they turn down to the A pillar chrome. Their sticking up almost 1/8" off the A pillar chrome. I've beat and beat and they will not go down. Anybody have any suggestions at all.

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Old Nov 20th, 12, 03:44 PM
rj68RS rj68RS is offline
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Default Re: remove windshield header molding

Joyce, if you do a search you will find my post from last year or so on this same subject. He's the short version...
1. Remove all the screws and the a-pillar moldings as they screw through the header trims.
2. Remove windshield top trim.
3. Warm the header trim up with a hair dryer till warm.
4. Very carefully pry from inside under top edge with small flat pry bars till the dum-dum putty starts to release.
5. Peel from inside upward.

The repop's are not a good fit. Took me several sets to find ones that were good enough for a daily driver. My OE's have some holes in them but I kept them and will one day have them filled and chromed.
Russ (RJ)
The Garlic Capital, Gilroy,CA

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Pics: my drop top driver
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