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Old Nov 21st, 12, 06:17 AM
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Default M20 with 3.36 rear end

Is this a good combo for a street car with a mild sb 400?
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Old Nov 21st, 12, 07:03 AM
camarodude67 camarodude67 is offline
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Default Re: M20 with 3.36 rear end

I believe it is a very good combo. If you had a M-21 might be to much clutch chatter.

Jeff G.
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Old Nov 21st, 12, 07:40 AM
Melrose RS Melrose RS is offline
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Default Re: M20 with 3.36 rear end

We ran M20/3.36 in my Dad's 327 vette with 30/30 cam. Clutch chatter wasn't an issue. It was doggy down low but would do over 60 mph in second gear. It would have liked 3.73's much better for spinning tires. But with a 400 I don't think you'll have that problem because you will have much more torque to apply. So in this case, I expect you'll be fine with this combo.
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Old Nov 21st, 12, 07:55 AM
Steiner Steiner is offline
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Default Re: M20 with 3.36 rear end

Great combo with a mild 400. Should be fine beating around town and ripping down 84 or 19. I ran an M20 and 3.42 with a mild (325hp) 355 and it was good everywhere other than running 70+ on the highway which still wasn't horrible compared to the 3.73 that came out. Engine sat right in the fat part of its torque peak around 65mph and would straight stroll when you mashed it in fourth from that speed.
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Old Nov 21st, 12, 08:27 AM
ss27 ss27 is offline
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Default Re: M20 with 3.36 rear end

Yep i think itTwill work just fine. You didn,t mention the combo but for a mild one keep the comp between 9and a little shy of 10 to 1 . the cam between 225and 230@50 on the intake and you will be just nice.Single pattern cams also work nice on the 400. Don,t be wary of a 4 bolt main either the 2 bolts are stronger but with the above parameters you will make all your power below 5500 or there about and it will last a long time if you don,t kill it with high revs.Like anything else Plum if you beat someting long enough or hard enough you will eventually kill it even a SBC. Alex
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