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Old Jan 17th, 13, 10:00 AM
1969 RS/SS DROPTOP 1969 RS/SS DROPTOP is offline
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Talking Re: What would you ask prior owners?

Why did you replace the original rosewood steering wheel with that grant wheel?
Why did you put that interstate battery in it?
Why those wheels? The original rallywheels look fine.
Why would you let Earl Scheib paint a car like this?
Do you still happen to have the original exhaust manifolds, smog, shifter, etc..

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Old Jan 18th, 13, 08:42 AM
Frosty69 Frosty69 is offline
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Default Re: What would you ask prior owners?

Good news is I did locate the family of the original owner and they are willing to talk to me about the car! Now I have some good ideas for questions. I have asked about stripes and found out it originally had hockey stripes. It is going back to the original Frost Green color, no vinyl top and I was dreading having to chose no stripes (way too much green), hockey stripes that could have possibly been on the car or Z28 stripes that really look good on the car but I know are wrong.

Originally Posted by bigarmzz View Post
i would love to find any old photo's of the car through the years....be it with family pics or even if it was just in the background of any picture....i'm "nostalgic" that way
Me too. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, especially in this case.
Frosty 69- L65, TH350, original RS (and will be again some day), 59 59 frost green with D90 hockey stripe, power windows- back on the road after 20 long years!
nsaneblk- 2011 Camaro Black 2LT/RS M6 (daily driver)
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Old Jan 18th, 13, 08:55 AM
hotrodjunky1982 hotrodjunky1982 is offline
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I thought id share a bit...

i tracked down the original owner of my 79 caprice coupe. He told me everything about the car from day one. it was his wife car. Someone hit the door and quarter in early 1980. New parts and a whole new paint job. He told me he rebuilt the drivetrain at 100k, just because. (engineers...) he made his own DRL and other funky things(engineer) his wife died about 10 years ago and the car sat inside until it was too much to look at. He donated it to his church, they gave it to a scrap guy who sold it to me. He said he never wants to see the car again...too many memories. He wouldn't recognize it today, for sure.

I am leary of calling the children of the original owner of my turbo regal.(i have all their info) they're mother died recently...give it a couple years...though i do have the build sheet.
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Old Jan 18th, 13, 09:32 PM
67sc 67sc is offline
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Default Re: What would you ask prior owners?

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