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Old Dec 21st, 07, 10:39 AM
dsherw00d dsherw00d is offline
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Default NiOSH TC23C Respirator

I'm getting ready to spray some SPI Epoxy Primer and I'm looking for a good, but reasonably price TC23C half or full mask as recommended in docs for the primer. I can only find N95 Masks locally. My plan is to paint the fenders one day, the doors the next, and the shell a 3rd day. Mainly, I don't have a big garage, it's winter, and airflow will be down due to this. I don't want to many fumes building up. I have radiant floor heat, so I'll just flip it off for a couple of hours each day to avoid the flame coming on - the shop will stay the same temp for at least 36 hours with the heat off.

I see 3M sells them, but anyone have any suggestions? I spray paint about 2-3 times a year, so I can't justify a fresh air system. I don't plan on painting much, but I have to protect the bar metal until I can get it to a paint shop.

I did a search on here as well as the SPI forum and didn't find anything with TC23C.

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Old Dec 21st, 07, 09:13 PM
toxicz28 toxicz28 is offline
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Default Re: NiOSH TC23C Respirator

Look for a reusable respirator with black/magenta filter cartriges. Especially if you don't have good ventilation in your garage. Grainger sells them for about $22 +/- a pair of cartridges. But ultimately the price will vary depending on the brand and type of respirator you get.
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