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Old Mar 6th, 08, 09:06 PM
forcefed forcefed is offline

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Default hurst dual gate shifter?

i'm looking for a hurst dual gate shifter, console model. anyone have one for sale or know where i can find one? i'm willing to pay top $
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Old Apr 18th, 08, 06:49 PM
jstoltz jstoltz is offline

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Default Re: hurst dual gate shifter?

I may have one I am waiting on the guy I told I would give first dibs on it I just took it out of my 87 Iroc vert yesterday he is offering $350 do you want me to keep you if it falls through?
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Old Apr 30th, 08, 07:28 PM
jackr jackr is offline
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Default Re: hurst dual gate shifter?

On the dual gate shifters, there seems to be a bunch of different mount heights and positions from different cars. I would like to fit on into my stock 67 console. I can do the fabrication needed to clean up the install but only if the height is close. Anyone know?
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Old Jun 26th, 08, 05:09 AM
1987IROC350 1987IROC350 is offline

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Default Re: hurst dual gate shifter?

I can't believe they quite making them. I must have gotten one of the last ones. No I won't sell. Here is my video after I installed it. Just so you can see how it would look in your car.

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Old May 14th, 10, 08:22 AM
nicks78camaro nicks78camaro is offline

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Default Re: hurst dual gate shifter?

I know this thread is almost 2 years old but i got one if your still lookin for one
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Old Oct 29th, 10, 08:09 AM
873rdgen 873rdgen is offline
Tech Team

Devon R
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Default Re: hurst dual gate shifter?

if he doesn't reply I would be intrested in that shifter.
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Old Dec 22nd, 11, 01:33 PM
RS1991RS RS1991RS is offline

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Default Re: hurst dual gate shifter?

Sorry to bump this old thread. But there is a Hurst Dual Gate 2 Shifter available on ebay:
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