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Old Nov 1st, 08, 06:31 AM
AlfaDave AlfaDave is offline

Join Date: May 2008
Location: England
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Default TH350 slipping in reverse

Hey guys having problems getting my camaro off my driveway!
It seems to be pulling in all gears fine but struggling in reverse, you can hear a slight clunk when you select reverse but no motion, rev's don't drop much like they would normally, sounds like the box is spinning.
Any idea's?
Cheers from Dave
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Old Nov 1st, 08, 06:25 PM
hereitis67 hereitis67 is offline
Senior Tech

Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: parlin,nj
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Default Re: TH350 slipping in reverse

if it goes fine in all forward gears. the reverse clutches are burnt out. also you can tell by throwing it into 1st by manuel shifting it into it and see if engine braking. no engine braking tranny needs to be done.
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Old Nov 1st, 08, 06:48 PM
Steptoe Steptoe is offline
Senior Tech

Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: New Zealand
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Default Re: TH350 slipping in reverse

The old rule of thumb test for a 350, is when cold, put in reverse and if there is a delay. hesitation, compared with 1st, there is band wear, and will need an overhaul in the next 10,000 miles.
It sounds like yours has had this for sometime, and is now in NEED of an overhaul

An overhaul is not hard, even if u have no idea how it works, I did mine a couple yrs ago
I dropped it out, put on a CLEAN bench, then starte pulling everything out, laying bolts everything out in order
Then purchased a full kit, and just replaced as reassembled...
BUT once back in, nothing worked, locked in park...consulted and expert, he said I put the park locking lever in the wrong way...right down thr bottom!!!
So pulled out,dismantled as above, sure enough he was right, reassembled , put in adjusted kickdown cable, fired up...and the change was different...
I had also replaced the modualtor, it was an adjustable, took it to the expert, he drove around the block, up on the hoist..pulled the vac hose off the modulator, turned the screw a couple times, pushed vac hose on...backed it off ...didnt even bother to test drive
I made coffee for the guys for morning tea...asked how much...he laughed, nothing...
I dropped in with a couple 6 packs for the guys a few days later.
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Old Nov 1st, 08, 07:19 PM
77wolf10.85's Avatar
77wolf10.85 77wolf10.85 is offline
Senior Tech

Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Oklahoma
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Default Re: TH350 slipping in reverse

Fluid level and color good? Check idling in Park, hot, level.

Could also be the screen or a stuck modulator.

But I'm with Bill, probably the clutches. Low and reverse is the same clutches, and Bill gave you a way to tell if they are out, by seeing if it will powerbrake in Low when placed into low manually. If it doesn't grab, then your clutches and steels are fried. One foot on the brake, give it the guns with the other foot.

Pulling the pan and seeing how much yucky muck is in there will tell you a lot. Don't be surprised if it's pretty nasty. And never expect an AT pan to be clean unless you just built it, and even then you'll see a little bit of clutch material. If there's big hunks, it's kaput. If there's just a bunch of dark residue, it may be OK. Note of caution, changing tranny fluid is sometimes the kiss of death if they have never been serviced and have gobs of miles. Don't drain the converter in other words. The pan just holds a small percentage of the tranny oil.
Tim Smith
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