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Old Aug 24th, 11, 03:26 PM
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Default How to route engine compartment wiring 69 Camaro 350 engine?

Can somebody post pics of where the engine compartment wiring is supposed to be routed...or maybe a really good description of how it is routed and what type of clips are used?
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Old Aug 24th, 11, 08:51 PM
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Default Re: How to route engine compartment wiring 69 Camaro 350 engine?

are you in need of the engine harness routing or front lighting harness as well?

engine harness-- from bulkhead goes stright up and is secured by a welded hook behind the power brake booster. then the connectors for the wiper motor and distributor are connected. then there is a plastic wire gutter that is located on the top edge of the firewall just to the left of the distributor. this gutter will carry the blower motor power wire and the ignition wires and/or balast resistor wire for the distributor. the blower motor wire will exit the gutter and continue to run along the heater core box cover secured by hooks that are secured by the heater core covers mounting hardware. then gets attached to the blower motor. the ignition wires will exit the gutter and goe straight down being secured by a similar hook as the heater core that is mounted on the bellhousing and then attatched to the starter.

Front light harness--- from the bulkhead, it goes along the drivers inner fenderwell where the brake light warning switch wire is connected to the distribution block. then continues along the inner fenderwell being secured by 2 straps that simply plug onto the inner fenderwell. from there the coolant temp sender wire is run across to the engine. then it continues along the drivers side to the rad support. from here it is secured by pins that are located on the harness that snap int holes on the rad support. this is where the side markers are plugged in and the horn relay on the rad support. then it continues along the rad support where the horns are now plugged in and the harness is secured along the way along with the headlight plugs. then it is run around the battery and there is a small hole on the inner flange of the passenger fender where another plastic clip is snapped in and secured. and finally the alternator charge wires ar run across to the alternator.

i hope this helps i wrote it all from memory

here are some old pics of my car. not great but it shows where the plastic wire guuter is located.

good luck!!

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Old Aug 24th, 11, 08:58 PM
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Default Re: How to route engine compartment wiring 69 Camaro 350 engine?

If need or want to hide some/most of the loom, tuck it up under the fender, then run the temp sensor underneath the top radiator hose.
And the loom across the firewall drop down to just below the dizzy base
The orginal factory loom is long engough in both these places to move without any issues.
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Old Aug 24th, 11, 10:17 PM
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Default Re: How to route engine compartment wiring 69 Camaro 350 engine?

Greetings from Arizona
if you look at my photobucket there are pictures of my 69 Camaro droptop, most of wiring is close to stock while engine wiring itself is routed thru metal brake lines and plug wires are in special made metal tubes to clean up further, also check out Mikes Nova and Kims Nova,( daughter) both these cars were done in last year or so and we've really tried to hide as much wiring as possible. Good Luck, Jay
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Old Aug 25th, 11, 06:52 AM
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Default Re: How to route engine compartment wiring 69 Camaro 350 engine?

The 69 AIM (assembly instruction manual) has diagrams of all the wire routing. You should have that book as your bible anyway, available at alot of our sponsor vendors.
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