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Old Sep 10th, 11, 08:12 PM
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Default Help with check ball locations for 700r4?

Hey guys, I've been having some shifting problems with my 700r4 as posted in my previous thread HERE.

So I decided to pull the pan today and check out the valve body, see if there is any crap in the pan, etc. I am fairly certain that I have the check balls in the correct locations but I want to be sure before I put it all back together.

In the below pic I circled the check balls that are on top of the separator plate (x4) in Red and the 3 that are in the actual valve body (x3) in Blue. Just want to be sure they are in the correct positions.

This pic shows the location of the check balls in the valve body itself. On Bowtie Overdrives they have a picture showing only the bottom right two check balls in position and nothing for the top left one that I have shown in place in my

Another concern is in the top left one there is only one check ball but on the transmission in it's respective place there are actually two holes...should there be two check balls or does the one ball move between the two holes depending on pressures or something?

And my final question is I keep reading about a bigger bronze check ball somewhere in the valve body but I dont have one. I think this may be for a different model? Just want to confirm with someone that knows for sure.

On another note, I pulled the valve body in hopes of finding something that would hint toward my shifting problem but nothing really jumps out at me. The plunger the the TV cable attaches to moves freely, things seem pretty clean, etc. Can anyone chime in on what I should be looking for specifically? I did notice a bit of sludge (looks and feels like clutch material :-( ) in the pan and on the magnet. Is a little bit of sludge normal or should I be more concerned with this?

Thanks in advance for any insight/help!
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