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Old Jan 25th, 06, 12:29 PM
Brian Lewis Brian Lewis is offline
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Default Steering Column Rebuild - Parts List

Well I had a little vibration noise in my steering column so I felt it was a good time to rebuild it. Plus
I had always wondered what it looked like inside a column. Ignition key was just a tad sloppy as well
so I wanted to freshen it up. Found the 'Rack Preload Spring' was probably what was causing the noise
although its also possible the ignition switch metal rod was laying on the top of the column as well
so I rubber cemented a piece of bike inner tube in that area to prevent that from vibrating just incase.
The lower bearing is exposed to the elements so it takes alot of abuse and needed to be replaced.
It was a pita snapping it into the new plastic adapter but vise made it easier. While I was at it I
installed a new Grant Antitheft system so I don't have to worry about someone stealing the car out
of a parking lot when I go out for a ride.

69 Camaro with Standard Steering

GM Parts Direct
7800269 Bearing A (Upper Bearing) $19.54 (Didn't use, regreased existing)
7805700 Brg asm V (Lower Bearing) $16.37 (Definitely needed a new one)
7805822 Adapter (Plastic unit that the lower bearing snaps into) $5.80
5694191 Shaft lock ring (Mine is a little bent, might as well replace it) $2.74
7804414 Key Warning Buzzer Switch $9.08
7804410 Rack Preload Spring (Mine was bent to hell) $3.79
ID-8 69 Ignition Lock-Original Keys 1 $ 13.95
HR-28 67-69 Steering Column Floor Boot 1 $ 12.95
WS-68 69 Steering Column Firewall Seal 1 $ 6.75
TS-18 69 Turn Signal Cancel Cam Repair 1 $ 9.50
AP-16 Black Interior Lacquer Paint $12.95

Duplicolor Clear Lacquer (Local Store)

Grant Antitheft Steering Wheel Security System (GRT-2001) $126

1969 Camaro - GM 2003 Electron Blue
Beck Racing 383 cu in 465HP Engine - Sean Murphy Inductions Stage 2 Quadrajet
TCI Streetfighter 350 - 3.73:1 Posi 10 Bolt Rear - 12.6 sec qtr mile
69 Camaro and 63 Nova
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Old Jul 12th, 12, 01:58 AM
Cosseys 69 Z28 Cosseys 69 Z28 is offline

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Default Re: Steering Column Rebuild - Parts List

I tried gm parts direct and they dont ship internationally. Summit dont have all the parts I need. I am after upper and lower bearings for 69 steering coloumn. Where else could I try. Thanks
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Old Jul 12th, 12, 02:45 AM
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Default Re: Steering Column Rebuild - Parts List

did you try classic industries? Ricks has the lower bearing.
John, 69 Base Coupe, Rallye Green
69 L78 Rallye Green Nova
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