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Big Block Combinations that work!

Camaro Combos That Work

Rafeal Wlazlo

502 gen VI block, stock 3/8 rods, cast crank, Lunati pistons, 10:1 comp., Lunati hyd. roller cam - 252/263 dur, 611/612 lift. stock 049 oval-port heads with 219/188 valves and bowl job, Team-G intake, 1000 race demon, 2" headers. built 350TH, ATI 10" 2500 stall, 12-bolt 373 gears. I built this car to be a street driver on pump gas, that would run hard, it idles at 800 rpm & runs 10.92@125.2 so far, on ET streets with mufflers.

cabriolet 69

Dyno result with 3-inch exhaust & pumpgas: 526ft/lbs@3500rpm, 468hp@5100rpm (over 500ft/lbs torque from 2800rpm to 4800 rpm!)

Mike Botkins

  • City: Clemson,SC
  • Combo: Big Block
  • Engine: 427
  • Transmission: PG
  • Year: 1969
  • Body_Style: SS Combo:


  • City: Palm Springs CA.
  • Combo: Big Block
  • Engine: 396 .060 over
  • Transmission: th400
  • Year: 1967
  • Body_Style: camaro
  • Combination:

    John Stevenson

  • City: Chatsworth, L.A. Area
  • Engine: 468
  • Transmission: TH400
  • Year: 1969
  • Body_Style: Camaro

    Engine is a 454 .060 over. Closed chamber (Iron) Rec port heads hogged out for max flow. 2.19, 1.88 valves. Eng is 11.7 comp. TRW pist, 3/8 rods, cast crank, 2 bolt main (yes all junk parts). Cam is solid roller 268/278 @.050 dur, 680 lift, on 115.5 lobe centers.
    Edelbrock Super Victor intake & an 850 carb built by C&J Carbs (flow some 930 cfm). Engine idles at 900 rpm & runs on pump gas. Cranking compression is 175 lbs. 34 degrees total timing. Is in 3580 lbs. 1969 RS/SS Camaro (Similar to Bruce Kimmens car) Outlaw NMCA style car.

    Street driven everywhere including at 75 MPH on freeway. Car runs 10.45 on motor w/4500 conv & brake (60ft is 1.5 sec). Runs 9.05 on 200 hp NOS plate (w/1.3 sec 60 ft.) And runs High 7's w/400hp plate, then switching to 400 hp fogger sys in 2nd gear (w/1.0 60ft. times). I've been racing this combination now for 2 years, same motor, & about 20,000 street miles accumulated. How's that for junk parts.
    A blown race motor or large cubic inch race race motor is in the works. Let me tell you the secret to power with Big blocks is wide lobe centers!!!! Guess Why pro-stockers can idle at 1000-1200 rpm. The canted valve engines like wide lobe centers. Makes big power upstairs.

    Jesper "racing" Karlsson

  • City: Gothenburg
  • Engine: 482
  • Transmission: Liberty/Doug Nash
  • Year: 1971
  • Body_Style: z 28


    Things have evolved a little over the years i dare say. "New" web page can be found at; This will be updated shortly. "Old" juiced 470 is gone,and "new" even wilder juiced 482 is going in. Plan on dyno session by end of january 00.

    Bruce Roland

  • City: lancaster
  • Year: 1969
  • Engine: 396
  • Transmission: powerglide


    396 bored .030(407 c.i.)12.5:1 full floating pistons, 610" lift,310 dur(274@.050)solid cam, advanced 4 degrees,manley true roller, steel crank,balanced and polished rotating assembly, oval port,closed chamber heads, 2.065 intake,1.72 exhaust with 1.71:1 roller rockers,high volume oil pump w/9 quart oil pan,weiand x-celerator intake w/ holley 780cfm(soon to be 850cfm dp),mallory distributor w/ accel super coil,hedman headers, 3" exhaust, powerglide w/3500 pro street converter.
    This combo is good enough to let me run 11.43 in the 1/4.

    Deniis W. from Great Bend sure has put alot of effort into his 1981 Camaro!

  • 1981
  • Engine: 396
  • Transmission: TH-350


  • stock 396 block .060 over
  • cast crank,cast rods
  • trw forged "11.0 to 1" pistons
  • bottom end not balanced
  • stock oil pump, 2-bolt main
  • solid cam 262,273 @.050 lift
  • .551 and .600 lift at valve
  • clevit grind cam
  • stock 7/16 push rods
  • crane roller rockers 1.7
  • springs have no idea single w/damper thats all I know
  • 2.19/1.88 stainless steel valves 20 degree back cut 3 angle valve job
  • closed chambered head 94 cc heads where ported myself with dremal and drill just radias any edges and smoothed the rough casting through out took me about 30 hours to complete with my lame tools
  • final comp. ratio 11.7 to 1
  • old torker 2 style intake carb sits at a angle single plane
  • 850 double pumper with adjustable jets that bottom out at 80 then go to 90 when turn all the way out,choke horn cut off entry way has been radiased and smoothed
  • stock hei with no springs or weights has been welded timming set at 37 at idle never changes
  • extended plugs .045 gap accel wires cap rotor
  • msd 6al 7000 chip on rev limiter
  • cranking compression 150 +- 5lbs l
  • eak down 3-5% someoff the pistons went to bottom during test
  • 3500 break stall converter with new breaks put on can go as high as 4500 with out tire spin most of the time around
  • 3500 stall the stall is a 3000-3500 tci 10 "
  • 4.56 gears 2.5 exhaust headers unknown 1 3/4 primaries 3" collectors turbo mufflers BF good tires 275/60/15 bald as could be
  • traction bars from scratch sub frame connectors from scratch skinnies up front weight of car with driver and half tank of 91 octane 3700 on the money sometimes 3720 with more fuel
  • 1/2" fuel line from tank (stock) to holley blue pump then 1/2" to holley mechanicl pump then 3/8 to regulator then to carb and nitrous plate 150 horse jets installed
  • K/N air filter 14 by 3 on top

    All this is good for 12.18 at 111mph 1900 ft up in street trim with BF tires full exhaust all out race with slicks and nitrous 11.21 @123mph with wheel spin hit nitrous of the line 60 foot only 1.66

    Eric has out together a really nice Big Block second Gen!

  • 1980
  • Engine: 454
  • Transmission: Super T-10


    car is sprts car style, lowered 2" front, 1.5" rear, Vette Brakes transverse leaf frnt susp, Konis, 4 whl discs, 6 point roll bar, sub connects, fast steer, etc. Engines are 454, both mk IV and GEN VI, 2.64 Super T-10, steel heads on both motors, 238/248 with .540, Strip Dom and Perfomer, a (real) 3310-1 780cfm now around 830, all the usuals. Car handles like a slot car even with B/B, no a/c, plastic hood. On a trip from L.A to Grand Canyon to Pheonix to L.A. got 17mpg avg. the entire way. Runs about 116-120mph in 1/4, depending on what mood it's in. So: B/Bs don't have to ruin handling. Don't believe all you hear. Just pay attention to the details, and weight-and-balance calculations. Just like building a hi perf airplane. That is the key to a canyon carving 2nd gen rat Camaro. Plant that sucker!

    Mark P. from Bridgewater has a low-buck '68 with a 427 ci Big Block and has run a 12.01 et with it!

  • 1968
  • Engine: 427
  • Transmission: Muncie M21


    454 truck block w\cast 396 crank and 11 to1 pistons. The complete rotating assembly balanced. Edelbrock performer cam and intake topped by a stock Holley 750 D.P. Stock single spring and single angle valve job with all stock rockers and pushrods. Ignition was a Accell dual point with supercoil. Dropped the motor in a 68 camaro with m-21 4-spd. and 12 bolt w\4.11 posi. exhaust used black jack headers. with open headers and 28.5 by 10.5 slicks best E.T. was 12.01 @ 115 mph. this showed us that you don,t need a lot of real expensive and trick parts to have a quick street car.

    Jeff Eller

  • City: Bristol
  • Combo: Big Block
  • Engine: 396
  • Transmission: powerglide
  • Year: 1976
  • Body_Style: Nova


    1. 396 block bored .030" -402
    2. GM steel nitrided truck crank
    3. Scat I-beam cap screw floating rods - 6.135"
    4. TRW L2287F dome pistons
    5. "063" casting oval port heads, bowl blending, match porting, 2.19" & 1.725" stainless valves, 102cc combustion chambers
    6. Crans R-242/316-2-12 solid roller cam (early 1990's grind) 242/252 @ .050" dur.-.569/.564 lift w/1.8I - 1.7E roller rocker arms, 112 LC, 110 IC
    7. Edelbrock "Air Gap" RPM dual plane intake
    8. HB PERFORMANCE SHOP custom built Holley 750 double pumper
    9. Hedman 1 3/4" street headers with a set of Hooker scavenger 4-2-1 collector extensions and 3" outlets
    10. MSD ignition
    The car weighs in at 3150 pds. with a 240 pd. driver, runs a powerglide tranny (no transbrake), 10" Vega torque converter modified by "Leon", 9" Ford rearend w/ disc brakes, ladder bars and coilovers, 5.14 gear, 9" slicks, has low 1.50" sixty foot times and runs high 6.90's in the 1/8" mile at almost 100 mph. in good weather. The car leaves at 2500 rpm, shifts at 6400 rpm.
    Engine and drivetrain combo all built by HB PERFORMANCE SHOP in Castlewood, Va.

    Keith Boden

  • City: Harrisburg
  • Combo: Big Block
  • Engine: 454 .30 over
  • Transmission: Tremec 5 speed
  • Year: 1986
  • Body_Style: Z28


    I had to have the 5 speed, it was worth the $2200.( Needless to say, that doubled the cost of the project ;-) 454 is from a suburban, 2 bolt mains, 9.0:1 compression, stock rods, stock crank(cast), stock intake manifold, and stock heads (3 angle valve job) topped with my poorly working stock Q-Jet (love it anyway) .540/.540 cam idles rough at 1000. *slightly* restrictive exhaust system includes BB manifolds emptying into a stock 3rd generation y-pipe, thats 2 inch pipes off each side into 2.5 inch single pipe back to muffler. Nice ceramic coated headers from Hooker will arrive today, then we'll see what happens ;-)


  • City: Philadelphia
  • Combo: Big Block
  • Engine: 402
  • Transmission: M-21
  • Year: 1970
  • Body_Style: Camaro L-78


    Started with 2 bolt block out of 69 impala, steel crank, 7/16 dimple rods, forged 10.25 pistons. I am still using the factory 375 horse camshaft with 291 heads and 100 cc chambers, 1.72 roller rockers, and .051 head gasket. The cam is backed up 6 degrees to allow for more intake valve clearance. Intake manifold is a Weiand x-cellerator with one inch 4 hole spacer. Carb is a 855 cfm with vacuum secondaries. Ignition is mallory hy-fire 4 with rev control set at 6800 rpm. Hooker super comp headers with 2 inch tubes and 3.5 inch collectors and a complete 3 inch exhaust that exits the rear of the car. I use a center force clutch with a 4.56 rear gear and cal-trac bars keep it straight. Tires are BFG drag radials with 17 lbs. pressure at the line. So far the best ET is 12.74 at 110 mph and still getting faster. Sixty foot times are brutal with a 1.92 best. Shooting for Low 12's by end of summer. This car is raced in street trim only and is driven to all show events that I attend. It is also a lot of fun to drive around town, late at night of course!!
    Future plans are to re-install original L-78 motor in the springtime.


  • City: Stratford
  • Combo: Big Block
  • Engine: 468
  • Transmission: 400
  • Year: 1980
  • Body_Style: Camaro


    1980 Camaro 468 Big Block Chevy 10 point cage homemade traction bars A Mix of assorted leaf springs.Solid subframe bushings,Turbo 400 Reverse valve body 3800 stall.Motor 454 punched 60 over TRW 13.1 pistons 4 bolt block 7/16 dimple rods storm steel crank,990 open chamber reck heads,stock valve size stock ports.Cam shaft custom ground Comp 276 286 duration 110 center 636-656 lift solid tappet,Super Victor Intake D intake,4500 carb,MsD Distributor And parts ,2 holley blue pumps t to a 1/2 inch line up front.Combo was good enough for a 10:90 at 120mph 60 foot a little poor @1.75 blazing the tires cars weight is 3800 without me in it full sound system and car has been to about 80% of car shows in my area.Rear end stock 10 bolt with 488 gears and is still going after four years.That motor is out waiting for new parts for the 468 with a whole new combo including Newer traction devices.

    Greg Love

  • City: Newaygo, Michigan
  • Combo: Big Block
  • Engine: 427ci.
  • Transmission: 400 Turbo
  • Year: 69
  • Body_Style: Camaro RS Z28


    800cfm holley dbp-VitorJr.oval port intake-294hyd Xtreme Energy cam-closed chamber 602 oval portheads-TRW10.25.1 comp. 3500STALL CONVERTOR DANA 60 rear narrowed 410gear 31 in. slicks runs 12:18 @ 111.70MPH Juicing it with a 125 nitrous kit it runs 11:18@118.72MPH Whats nice is it runs on 92 octane all day long.


  • City: Talbott
  • Combo: Big Block
  • Engine: 454
  • Transmission: TH350
  • Year: 1983
  • Body_Style: Olds Cutlass


    A completely stock bottom end 1973 Suburban 454 with a true roller timing chain, stock 8.75:1 pistons, polished truck rods w/ARP bolts, a Comp Cams .550 292 hydraulic cam, bone stock heads with roller rockers and a Victor Jr. intake, 750 HP Holley, 4000 converter, 10 bolt with 3.42 gear 3 inch Flowmasters, ran 8.40 crossing the line at 5500 in second gear pulling power steering, alternator, and water pump. The car weighs 3600 lbs with me in it. Now I've upgraded to a 4.10 gear and with suspension tuning will hopefully run 8.00's and 8.20-8.30 on street tires. This is a car that I drive to high school on a weekly basis. Not bad for an 18 year old is it. If you have any questions email me I will soon upgrade to 12.5 to 1 compression and fully ported and polished heads which will hopefully propel me to around 7.60-7.70 in street trim. Then the aid of 150 horses of NOS should put me in the 7.10 range which would be rolling for a street car that I take dates out it.

    Freddy Shaver

  • City: Talbott
  • Combo: Big Block
  • Engine: 427
  • Transmission: TH350
  • Year: 1967
  • Body_Style: Chevy Camaro


    Std. bore 427; 3/8 rods; Steel crank; 11.25 TRW pistons; .652 308 Comp Cams roller; Team G Intake; 1050 HP Dominator; 5300 BTE converter; 4.56 Dana 60 Leaf spring ladder bar combo; 3100 lbs with driver
    Ran 7.10 in 100 degree heat then sheared the ring gear should run 6.90s with ease in good weather. This is a very streetable engine that has a lot of torque 1.50 sixty foot time

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