Camaro SS

The Go Machine Look Outside Tells Everyone You've Got the Big-Inch V8 Inside!

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Maybe the Camaro in standard measure has caught your fancy ... or possibly you've decided to deck one out as Rally Sport. But what you really want now is a goer - and one that looks like a goer as well. Then the Camaro SS is what you should specify. The exciting outside tells all what's on the inside - big cubic-inch V8 action.

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Here's what lets admirers in on the story: color-keyed accent striping plus simulated louvers on the hood. "SS" letters on the fenders and in the grille signal the knowledgeable that you have the go machine that's all business. Those who get the stern view (there will be many) will spot the "SS" emblem on the fuel filler cap. (For further identity, black accent on rear body panel means: 396 V8 up front.) Plus 350 V8 or Turbo-Jet 396 V8 emblems on front fenders. Inside, an "SS" emblem appears with authority in the steering wheel center. SS models have special suspension and chassis components; are appropriately shod with wide red or white stripe tires.

stripe_pg8_.jpg - 5635 BytesAbout those big inches in Camaro SS. You can order an authoritative new 295-hp Turbo-Fire 350-cubic-inch V8, or the boss: the 325-hp Turbo-Jet 396 V8 with the famous "porcupine" heads. Specify Camaro SS in either convertible or sport coupe form. And for dress inside, view the Custom Interior. Imagine what an SS would look like if you ordered it with Rally Sport equipment. Want to? You can! And with the Custom Interior, too, Camaro SS is the boldest!

Not only do you get the going looks and husky V8, you can also specify disc brakes for the front wheels. The dual master cylinder brake system utilizes drum brakes on the rear wheels and includes a special valve to adjust initial line pressures for even, sure stops.

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