Outside and Inside Color Choices

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You can deck your Camaro out in any one of 15 Magic-Mirror acrylic lacquer colors, 12 of them new for 1968.
  Inside the Camaro Sport Coupe or Convertible, all-vinyl bucket seat interiors in a choice of six colors: black, gold, blue, red, turquoise and parchment/black keyed to the exterior color selection. Or you can order fabric and black vinyl bucket seats on sport coupe only with Custom Interior.

pg12_.jpg - 5823 Bytes    Vinyl roof covers are available in black or white while convertible tops are available in black, white or blue, depending on your preference.
   The picture at right will give you an idea why it's great to be on the inside of a Camaro looking out. It's the Camaro Custom Interior with Strato-bucket front seats. Incidentally, you can specify a Strato-back front seat in any sport coupe interior, if that's your preference. What more can we say about it except that if you stay with bucket seats, we strongly urge you to specify the new wood-grained look center console (in which you can also order a special instrumentation package). Available in either the Camaro Sport Coupe or the Camaro Convertible.

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