Camaro SS Package

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It's to the fun crowd that we dedicate the Camaro SS. A husky performer and looks it. Beefed-up suspension system and 350-cubic-inch V8 engine (you can order a 396-cubic-inch V8, too).
   You can spot a Camaro SS by the raised simulated air intake on the hood and distinctive front accent band around the grille. Camaro SS means not only superb performance but roadability to match. Other identifying marks: "SS" emblems front, side and rear; red stripe wide-oval tires. Farther on, we tell you about some of the good things underneath. What's that you say? You'd like an SS with all the features that come on a Rally Sport. Easiest thing in the world. Just specify both - and get both on the same car. It's as easy as that.
   Unless otherwise specified, your Camaro SS comes with a standard interior as seen earlier. But on any Camaro you can specify the Special Interior Group with deluxe accents. These accents also are included in Custom Interior.

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