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First Generation Camaro Info and Tech - 1967-1969

Camaro Tech

General Tech AreaFor best results use specific forums
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Restoration Corner

Where originality comes first
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Tag Team

De-coding tags and numbers.
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Convertible Q&A's
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Body Shop

Paint & Body Forum
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Upholstery & soft trim
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Wheels & Tires

What fits what?
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Brakes, Suspension & Steering

Conversion questions, Steering & Handling
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General Engine Discussion.
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Transmission & Driveline

Transmissions and Differentials
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Heating & Cooling

Heating, cooling and air conditioning
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Exhaust and Headers

Discussion related to Exhaust systems and headers.
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Electrical & Wiring

Troubleshooting electrical.
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Generation Specific Forums

Second Generation

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Third Generation

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Fourth Generation

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Fifth Generation

Discussion forum for the newest Camaro 2010–present
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Sixth Generation

Forum to discuss the upcoming 6th Generation Chevrolet Camaro
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All Generations

What's it worth?

& ebay discussions
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Our High Performance area
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Pro Touring

Todays performance with classic style
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LSx Swap

LSx Engines in Non-LSx Vehicles
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Pro Street

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EFI in your modern Classic

EFI conversions in early Camaros
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Diagnosing problems done here.
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Build Projects

follow along start to finish
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Tips & Tricks

Member submited how-to's
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Team Camaro
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Team Camaro Cruiz-Ins

Get-togethers, Announcements, Shows & Events
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Copo & Dealer

Factory & Dealer Performance
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Non-Camaro Tech

Problems and Issues with your daily driver or other non-Camaro vehicles.
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Forum Classifieds

Clean up your garage and buy, sell, trade
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Tools & Shops

Shop Rat HQ
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Sales & Specials
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Bug Hunt

Computer related problems Virus warnings - Technical help.
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Vendor Deals

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American Auto Wire

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Classic Industries

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Classic Performance Products

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Matt's Classic Bowties

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Old Air Products

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Silver Sport Transmissions

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  1. So yesterday afternoon I pulled the trigger and ordered a bunch of stuff from to upgrade my 1968 Camaro "Dorothy" from an Inline 250 Straight Six that might have had 150HP with a 2spd Power-glide to a new LS3 430HP with a 4L65e. This is a picture of the day I...
  2. Wheels & Tires
    I have a 68 with 205/60R/15 on 15x6 with 4.75BS with disc brakes up front, 10 bolt rear, 235/70R/15 on 15x6 with 4,75BS with drum brakes, have multi leaf springs with CalTracs traction Bars - these are old rally wheels. I was looking at American racing wheels 15x7 front with 215/65R/15 and not...
  3. So I have my ‘67 on a makeshift frame rack, and have replaced the floor and trunk pans, inner and outer rockers and most recently the inner and outer wheelhouses- DSE mini-tubs were the most recent installs. I had them clamped in place originally to just mock up the quarterpanels. I went ahead...
  4. Exhaust and Headers
    What’s the best stock style exhaust for a 69 small block. Looking for one that has the chrome tips.
  5. Hi guys I got a question for you as I would like to add kick panel speakers as I do not have any speakers in the front of the car. my car has no AC- it has astro air. I do plan on adding the vintage air kit in the next year. when ordering kick panel speakers should I order ones for a ac...
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