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Re: Can you tell me anything about this cam? specs included in post

From the .050 figures the cam timing is 4-36-49-2, 110 lsa 106 ICL, with 6 degrees of overlap at .050. Not taking into account the lobe design, this cam has specs very close to the Comp 275DEH cam 219-229 .462-.482 lift 110 lsa 106 ICL. I would not call this an RV cam and with 445 hp and 498 torque of torque you have a very streetable and powerful motor. Obviously your Brodix heads are worth a lot of power. An old Hot Rod cam comparo test, ran the 275DEH cam in a 383 with pretty stock 882 heads with 2.02-1.60 valves, rpm intake, 750 holley and it made better horsepower than a 244-244 duration cam. The 275 made 328 hp at 5000 rpm and 408 TQ. at 3600 rpm. If they had used your heads I am sure they would have made as much power or close to what your engine made. Sounds like a really nice cam you have there and I would keep it!! With 6 degrees of overlap, 10.
5 cr, and 383 cubes you should have plenty of power for your brakes. In a 350 this cam would have a noticeable idle but Comp says the 275DEH is a high performance street cam that can be used with a stock converter. Your bigger cubes and higher compresson ratio smoothes out your idle. You should have at least 14" of vacuum at 900 rpm.
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