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Re: Service Engine Soon Light?????

Originally Posted by carmennikole View Post
Ok I get what you are saying here because my 1993 camaro does the same thing the light comes on and goes off for no reason. I went to autozone and they tested the car. NOthing showed up they told me nothing was wrong with the car the light just comes on and goes off.

They never got it to flash any codes. And I took it back to have someone test it to see if the first guy did it wrong . Still the same no answer.
carmen..not sure what type of tool the autozone guys use to read codes.I have never used their free service myself.In the interests of saving a buck or two for tc members,it is a starting point only.
If you are still troubled by the MIL(malfunction indicator lamp)turning on randomly..then a full scan with a tech 2 in the right hands and sub menus available will help zero in on why the pcm felt the need to illuminate the MIL.
To add to the confusion,dtc,s can be ranked in abc types.Type A will require only 1 fail to light the lamp..a B type will require 2 failures..a c may never lite the lamp but go to history only.A random p0300 misfire may turn on the lamp and not set a code but store the cyl misfire in a sub menu in the engine data list if the misfire did not last long enough to become a type a code.There are acceptable/non acceptable little windows that open and close on and off depending on the type of test being run at the time.If your issue returns..I suggest visiting your local Chevy store and the initial diag time should be a reasonable 1 hr checkout at what ever their door rate is.Locations around the country will vary obviously.
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