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My cousin used to race in E-gas in the mid to late '60's. He held the E-gas national 1/4 mile time for a while, having won the Winternationals in, I think, about '65.

He's a SB guy.

He told me the other day that he has a 300 inch motor in his basement, ready to go, that will turn about 11,000+ RPM and put out about 700-800 HP on fuel injection.

Now, that's a revin' motor. I asked him how on earth does a push rod V8 motor ever manage to crank 11,000+ RPM??? Like, how could all that heavy metal, being operated by some long, slender rod, not just turn into a horrendous, smashing, crashing mess in a matter of seconds. My cousin, Gene, says it's all in how you build em'. He learned how to build them the hard way, by blowing up a lot of hardware. He says the secret is very careful blueprinting.

I'm trying to talk him into giving me the motor for my '72 240Z. Nothin' like a Chevy mouse-powered rice burner to make you feel like an all-American hot roddin' boy! And I know, if I got it to hook, that it would simply obliterate any turbo Eclipse or Honda Civic.

Anyway, I just can't imagine a BB ever going 11,000+ RPM, and neither can my cousin Gene. That's why he always raced SB motors. Of course, the tradeoff is that the high rev SB will not make good power at low RPM's and just won't have the monster torque that a big crank behind a big piston will produce.

But, that's all been said many times before.

Personally, I'm running a 396 BB in my '69 Camaro and I think it's great for the street... and I could also use it to pull stumps on the weekend if need be.

Just thought you would like to hear a little drag racing history and some additional thoughts on SB versus BB motors.

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