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Hey there Ignition man. Back I see, Good to see, how are you on this fine day? And now on this short stroke big block thing, where did those 2.67/2.17 valve heads come from. The bore would have top be at least 5" to acomadate all that, and even then the shrouding would be a an issue. Anyway, Like previously stated, That would take away all that they have going for them by removing the low end those big motors make. And all that weight, those things are over 150 lbs more on the nose than a small block. And untill you get into the mid 8's or the Outlaw Super Street and beyond, A small block is going to be the faster motors anyway. There is one advantage to the big motors though, they do make some big flowing heads for them. A friend tried running a 410" motor for a bit. The cylinder heads flow way more than is possible with a small block, even the buick or pontiac dart heads, and other 15 degree pieces out there. It looked good on the board and it was fast, but it just wasn't there. The small block 414's and 27's are powerful motors. 1400hp plus on the bottle is a lot of fun. Just wanted to add my thoughts Galen

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