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Re: ROCHESTER 2G HELP part one:

1) Alright, i have to confess, the engine is not in a camaro; But hey, an engine, specifically a small block, is an engine right?

2) Yes, the choke closes when you pump the pedal.

3) Supposedly, alot of camaros ,1st gen anyways, came with the 2GV. So, would anyone out there still happen to have their original owner's manual? i would be curious as to what the manual says as far as correct starting procedures. Alternatively, i suppose, we could also look at the sunvisor?

i have a hunch it's a simple fuel/ fuel mix problem:

4) Could cranking an engine alot without it starting cause it to flood?

a) How do you know when the engine is flooded?

b) Just curious why the hold down the pedal all the way helps clear a flooded engine? Is this due to the massive amount of air rushing into the intake vs. the amount of fuel going in?

5) This particular engine has not been run in a while--3 yrs to be exact so:

a) How do you know when/if the bowl is full or full enough for the engine to run?
Would looking into the carb while pumping the accelerator lever and if you see fuel squirt into the intake, this would indicate a full/full enough bowl?

b) i can probably figure this one out, but i might as well ask: Where is the/a vent tube to the bowl on a 2G? i would rather add some fuel into the vent than crank the engine alot just to fill the bowl. Again, this engine hasn't run in a while.
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