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Re: back up lights

Have you checked for voltage at the back up lights and the brake light? If there were voltage then it would be ground or bulbs. If there is no voltage you will need to look for a switch. The brake switch is easy to find on the e-brake pedal. The back up light switch is on top of the steering column or in the console.
Have you turned the headlight switch knob? The dash lights can be turned down or off by the headlight switch. The dash lights my just be turned off.
Are you saying the blower is still running in the off position or are you having heat even when the blower is not running? Unless you have AC you will never get cool air from the heater. On non-AC cars the heater core always has hot water running through it so if there is any air going through the heater box it will be hot.
If your transmission is a PowerGlide, that is all they have is two speeds.

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