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Re: Timing & Vacuum Advance 101


I'm posting this just to give testament to what you have stated here. I implemented the change to full manifold vacuum and adjusted the timing and mixture on my GMPP 350 / 350 hp crate motor with FAST EzEFI and what a difference! Smoother idle, more responsive throttle, cooler and better mileage. I'm in Denver and the engines run lean to start with up here and my idle was always unstable. Now, it sits at 750 without much variation with 12 deg static / 25 deg with 13 " vacuum. 36 deg total timing w/o vacuum. Air Fuel ratios at idle = 13.8:1 AF, 14.8:1 at cruise and 13.8:1 WOT....all on regular gas.... lovin it!

Thanks John!!!


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