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Re: Paddock Performance and Restoration Parts

These are the one's I have ordered from this year and my notes on each:

Heart Beat City - Decent Website. Website tells if in stock or not, but does not provide tracking number or indicate if items has shipped. Good quality products.

Rick's - Good Website. Does not tell if item is in stock, provides tracking numbers, and will break shipments up into small shipments to get items to you quicker if you ask. Fast shipping if it's in stock, and if not, the wait is usually less than they estimate. Customer service has been friendly, but not always knowledgable. Fairly good quality products.

Ground Up - So-so website. Does not tell if item is in stock. Does provide tracking numbers. I use these guys because they are close, and call first to find out if it's in stock. If it is, then I get the item in 1-2 days. Customer service is hit or miss. Middle of the road quality on what I have ordered.

Jegs - Very Good website. Website tells if item is in stock. Provides tracking number, and good customer service. Fast shipping. Good quality products.

Classic Industries - Slow website, and often get misdirected. Website does not tell if item is in stock. Does provide tracking number. Good customer service when needed. Slow shipping for me due to distance. Good quality products.

My experience with the smaller vendors has been hit or miss. Usually shipping times are terrible and follow ups are non-existent, but I won't bash here. The ones that I have had good luck here with are:

Retro-Electro - Great product. Good e-mail support, fast shipping.
DriverzInc - Good website. Good phone and e-mail support, on time shipping.
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