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The 350 was rebuilt when we bought it (supposedly, but that is the trouble when you don't do it yourself) When we were taking it out of the old car was in a '68 Firebird and had 0 miles yes we could have gotted duped. When we were ripping it out the owner liffted the engine part way witha floor jack by the oil pan so we put a new milodon and new high volume oil pump on it. Problems: When we hit about 190 degrees at idle, the car's oil pressure drops dramatically, to about 25lbs you can hear the lifters clacking so we shut it off. THis problem only happens when it is warm. It has a rather large cam for the street, specs unknown but it is a rumpety rump As ai said before it has a brand new oil pan and brand new high volume oil pump and pick up.

1968 Camaro, 350/350, its my beater car for racing and fun, I am 16= no money for resto
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