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I originally posted this under general tech, but I think the problem is a trouble shooter. Here's the deal - 68 Camaro, 350 w/H.E.I., had a minor electrical fire, the plastic grommet that plugs into the key (this grommet holds 8 ingnition wires, has a three prong clip, clips directly into the key/lock cylinder) melted, so I was left not knowing were the wires should be connected to the new key cylinder. Buy running the a wire from the Battery connection on the fuse box, to the battery connection on the H.E.I., I can use the key to start the car, and it will run for about 1 to 2 minutes, then it burns out the control modular, I do not race the RPM's I let it idle. A guy suggested (gheatly) the voltage regulator, and I am suspect of it as well, unfortunatly I am a body, and drivetrain man, and am completely in the dark about how a 12 volt system really works, aside from using a test lite, and a volt meter I'm useless, what do I need to do to get this thing to run. (i think i need to get rid of the external volt regulation system, buy a new alternater, internally regulated, Can I do that? on a 68?

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