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Ok, an update sort of, I drove the car this weekend, and I left the advance hooked up even tho we realize there is a timing/fuel problem. The car runs, idles, and has plenty of power. But again at 3000 rpm it pops at light pedal. Ok, I took a small piece of metal and soldered it to the vac can to take up 1/2 of the travel in it, retimed it. Going to drive it tomorrow. The popping is definately exhaust, no noticeble power loss.Checked the plugs, they are nice and clean. Also the popping is a "quiet" pop, not a full blown backfire, which I would definately park the car until fixed. What was said about the possibility of having the wrong vac source hooked up, this is possible. Because when I retimed the engine after the mod to the vac can, It still pulled 50 degrees at 3000 rpm, so it would seem that I do have vaccum at mid to high rpms.That will be another thing to look at tomorrow. Thanks alot guys and I'll update tomorrow!!
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