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Originally Posted by bigbuckcity View Post
Hope you have better luck with your after market Bucket Seat Assy's. One issue is the inside hinge covers (by the console on both the Drivers and Passenger, The Hole is approximately 3/4" off, and the hinge covers will not snap into place, guess you could super glue them on, I just left them off!!!! The other issue is the aftermarket tracks, they just bind up on both buckets, and would suggest you look them over before installing them, and using white spray lithum grease to lubricate both sets................

I just took mine out and replaced them with OEM Bucket Assy's, and now have no issue, would I buy aftermarket bucket seat assy's again, NO.....................$750 for the bucket frames, plus the oversized shipping charges, if they worked right there would be no issue............................
Hi Bigbuckcity,

Can you please provide us with the invoice number for your order? We would like to have our R&D dept. research the issues you are describing and if we have the date and perhaps the invoice number for your order, it would be a big help to us in determining exactly what products you had issues with.


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