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Re: Help me find this steering wheel

Originally Posted by 67Rally View Post
Here's what you want from Classic: (1967-1968 camaro standard steering wheel)

And from Rick's:
That is the wheel he ordered. Look at the part numbers, they are the same. What he got, I have no idea. There is no wheel listed like that in thier catalog. It must have been mispackaged.

The problem is the vendors don't know or care what wheel is what. They will sell you what they have in inventory of reproduction wheels.

For example, they have that wheel listed as standard for both 67 and 68. It is not. It's a 67 wheel only. What they call a 67 and 68 deluxe wheel is really a 67 deluxe wheel and a 68 standard wheel. The 68 deluxe wheel is not reproduced, but there is a big demand for it so they market the wheels they have incorrectly to sell to unsuspecting customers.

How's that for a conspiracy theory, lol?
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