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Re: Cracked Off Front Fender Bolt - 1968

Mr. Keith is right. Cutting the floor pan will not give you access to the broken nut. You will have to go through the rocker or go through the tulip/saddle panel.

You should not encouraged me with the photograph comment. Now you got another one. The photo below shows the driver side. The floor is removed. Notice the rocker blocks any access from the inside. The tulip/saddle panel is removed in the photo.

[IMG]DAPILLAR 18 by Patrick Smith, on Flickr[/IMG]

Another option might be the use of a rivet nut. They work just like a rivet. You drill the right size hole and then you stick the rivet nut in the hole. There is a special tool that collapses the rivet nut and then you have a new fastener. The special tool is nice but I have used a bolt and a nut with a wrench to collapse the rivet nut into position. You might not be able to wrench the rivet nut because it might spin in the thin sheet metal.

A washer is made of steel with zinc coating. If you are going to weld a washer, grind off the zinc coating. They weld just fine.

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