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Re: Long or short Throwout bearing?

Look at the clutch fork and the pivot ball assemblies to assure they are correct for your Gen 1. The forks are different than most other Chevy models. Also the clutch bell crank seems to be unique to the Camaro. I put in a GM NOS replacement fork (stronger) and had to remove it as it contacted the firewall. Repaired and installed the original and all is fine.

I am not familiar with BB installations. I think I understand they are offset to the passenger's side for some reason. I don't know the reason other than maybe clearance to some other components.

Good luck

If the PO butchered the firewall to allow the fork to move, he may have used the wrong components and adjustments to cause the problem. Thus the firewall modification.

Installing a long (or adjustable) release bearing in lieu of the correct short bearing might help obtain a workable design or cause more configuration problems. You should find the cause of the problem and correct it without potentially creating more problems with your own redneck repairs. I see no reason the 454 installation is not the same as any other BB in a Gen 1.

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