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Re: Solid motor Mount Question

Originally Posted by Everett#2390 View Post
You can use, and should use, a solid on both sides as when Camaro decelerates, now the pass mount is being pulled.
For every action, there is a reaction - Newton's third law.
I used a all steel turnbuckle, 3/8 inch size and replaced the right-hand threaded loop with a hook, and bolted it to the outmost bolt hole on cyl head, just behind the exhaust manifold, and hooked it to the upper control arm shaft and tighten the buckle being snug.
Also I added a locking nut on the hook side for locking the buckle length. It has never failed.
I agree with Everett that if you are going to use a solid mount it has to be all solid (both sides and the tranny mount) otherwise you will break the case on the transmission. Moroso sells these mounts to be used with a solid front and rear plate to prevent movement fore and aft in the chassis. It was sportsman racers who started using them on the their cars without the plates. And it was sportsmen racers who discovered that not using all solid mounts breaks aluminum parts.

Chains and turn-buckles are not recommended for aluminum heads because aluminum work hardens under stress.The factory offered a five ton sling that attached to the upper control arm cross-shaft and bolted to the factory cast iron exhaust manifolds. That will not work with flimsy tubular headers.

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