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67 RS Brake Lights

Is it normal when the park lights are on to see the dash lights to dim a little when I apply the brakes. Its not real bad, but even the dome light does it too.When I pull the head light switch out to turn the head lights on the dash lights dim a little. This is a 67 RS ,so it has 4 1157 bulbs in the rear tail light area . Also have a sun tach, and a 3 gauge pod with lights being ran at the same time. Just wondering because last fall when I had the car out I was dropping off my daughter at a football game I sat there with the car running with all the head lights on and my foot on the brake for a long time ( 3 or 4 min )and I blew the tail light, dash fuse. When I went to replace it I found out I was one fuse size smaller than what it called out for. Tonight I ran all the lights with the brake on and didn't get it to blow,but did see the dash lights dimming a little. Just wanted to get a 2nd opinion . Thanks jared
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