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Horn reassembly

I had an aftermarket steering wheel on the car when I bought it. I am now installing the correct deluxe wheel. The cancel cam that came out was broken and the spring seated on the part closest to the wheel the new cancel cam locates the spring on the reverse side and doesn't want to slide on the steering shaft very far to contact anything. with a little effort I'm sure I could force it to go farther down on the shaft to make contact with the pin on the column. When I was trying to figure out the correct order to assemble the horn contact it didn't seem like every thing fit well, as I am not sure of the correct order either. When I dry fit the parts on the bench it seems like the cancel cam sits to far in the wheel and the part I have labeled 1 seems to protrude the inner wheel section and wouldnt allow 7-9 to seat properly. Any one have any insight?
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