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Welds Going Back On - Rallys Coming Off!

Well, thought that I'd really like the stock Rally look, gave it a couple of days, and I just feel like I neutered my Camaro when compared to the Weld Prostars that were on it before. Not that I don't like the Rallys, but I suppose I'm looking for more of an aggressive look. Why did they look so much better on the 'Better Off Dead' Camaro??? Maybe the stance? Don't know for sure.

Don't have the money yet to move to something like Torque Thrust II's, but the Prostars will be shined up and put back on so that my Camaro growls at the lights, and not purrs...

Haven't decided as of yet to sell the Rallys or keep them for shows. They are virtually brand new. Anyone else have a change of heart when they thought the stock look was the way to go for street?
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