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Widening stock rally rims for 68?

Im looking to see if I can widen my rally rims. Right now they are the stock 15"s so I think they are 7" wide? Theres so much room under there Id love to fit a wider tire under it. Where can I get them widened, and if so what is the biggest size I can go with and still have it clear?

Pretty much stock except for I will be putting in 2" Drop spindles up front and will lower the rear as well. Factory Front discs, rear drums but those will be discs next summer.

Or better yet are there wider rally wheels already available? OK one last one, biggest size tire to fit under there? I dont want staggered I want same front and rear.
I did go through the rim threads and sticky's and saw a ton of nice wheels, but I definitely want to stick with the stock look.

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