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I checked out the Hotchkis web site last night they indicated that the reason it works better is stiffer and less weight. Unless I'm over simplifing torsional ridgidity as just the fancy name for stiffness, I'm confussed. I think what you are saying is that both bars are the same and the only difference is the weight. If that's true, then Hotchkis is telling a fib. In their FAQ/Q&A they focus on the stiffness and go into detail about how you can go too stiff (which can cause the inside wheel to actually lift off the ground and rough ride). From reading their narative they seem to throw the weight savings in as more of an added bonus at the end rather than the only difference. Do you think they are just puffing their products by saying they do more than they actually do??? I think the bottom line is it helps somehow, but I want to make sure its my car that ends up getting the stiffy - not me!!!
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