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By steering knuckle, I assume you mean the spindle? And you are trying to pop the upper and lower ball joints loose? If that's the case, you will need to remove the shocks and let the tension on the springs loose. BE CAREFUL! If you simply pop the ball joint with nothing to catch the spring or lower control arm, you will turn the spring into a deadly missle! Once the shock is removed, loosen the castle nuts on the upper and lower ball joints to give yourself about 1/4" space, but leave the nuts on! I like to put a jack under the lower control arm with about 1/2" of space to keep it from flying down and smacking the ground, thus releasing the spring. Then use the pickle fork to 'pop' the upper and lower ball joints, which you will be able to tell once they release and get caught by the castle nuts. Once loose, I then use the jack under the lower control arm to push the arm up and release the tension on the nuts. Then simply remove the castle nuts, and then SLOWLY release the jack and lower control arm to release the spring tension. Once released, the spring should basically fall out. Then I reassemble in the reverse order with new parts as necessary.

Hope that helps,
Bill C.

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