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Hey folks, would like some insight on a serious problem I have with my wifes honda civic. The problem is with the dealer, we took it in for its first scheduled maintance under the warrenty and when I returned to pick it up I was told it wasnt done yet. and that it wouldnt be done until friday???? I then said I had to get some things out of the trunk and the guy at the service desk pointed me to the vehicle. I almos S%#T my pants when i saw her car. Someone had backed straight into the passengers side front door and fender wihich also left the hood screwed up. There saying it was hit by someone when on the waiting line I say #*@(#(#*#. I Told the Service Manager that Since the car was only 4 months old that they should replace it with a identical Civic. They want to fix it and return it. Needless to say I took some pictures and they will have the car until our day in court. It or was it to much to demand a replacement vehicle for one that got damaged while in their care. My wife kept this car spotless and looked like it came off the showroom floor until today. I got a feeling they might try to give her a dealer demo but I told her to demand a new one period. Sorry to vernt esp since its not a Chevy but she paid cash for this car and I think she should get a new one in return.
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Tech Team
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I too think they should give you a new one, but in reality I seriously doubt you will get one. On the brighter side, I had a 1999 Grand AM GT that I hit a deer with when it was only about 4 months old. I had the dealer repair it, and when it was done, I could not tell at all that it had been repaired, and I seriously hate mismatched paint. They should be able to match the paint and fix it so you will never tell, since it is so new. Still sucks that it happened, you will always know it was wrecked now, but hopfully no one else will. Good luck with it.

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Stick to your guns on this one. The car has what the insurance industry calls "diminished value" because of the damage. A car that new certainly fits this category. A dealer can fix the car properly however, it will always remain repaired. You are entitled to some compensation. That is what you need to work. Either a car or some $ settlement to cover the diminished value.

From experience: Put all your communication in writing and request the same from the dealer. Do not get emotional about this. It will only hurt you in the end.
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I worked with a lady that had a similar problem with a new Astro Van beign damaged by the Chevy. They could never get the paint to match the factory. They even painted the complete vehicle and still there were flaws that were not in new vans. She had so much problems getting any satisfaction that she up and traded it off at another dealer. The dealer who damaged it was only under obligation to repair it and would not give her squat for the van as a tradein. She contacted a lawyer and he told her it would not be worth the expense.

You will be fighting their insurance company and as far as they are concerned its a used car. I think you have to live with it, it would be no different than if someone backed into you in the lot at Walmart.

I had the hood on one of my trucks damaged by a dealer, big ding in front of the driver. I left the truck there with ice and snow on the hood (it was winter). I did not get anything from them, the tech said it was allready damaged and the service manager backed him up. I knew or a fact it was not. My insurance company fixed it, they called it vandalism.

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I would be pissed at the fact they didn't tell you and you only discovered it because you asked to see the car.If you had not seen it and said,ok ill be back on Friday,do you think they would have even told you about it?I would demand at least NEW oem parts including sheetmatal.I would also demand a new door shell,not a skin.Its unlikey they will give you a new car,so i would fight for all the little things you can get,like a rental car,or reinburse you for the cost of one,some free oil changes,ect,ect.
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David Pozzi
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I agree, get them to put all new parts on. Not put body filler on what you have. Filler will decrease the value of your car.
You aren't going to get a new one unless your wife is the owners daughter!

Lots of new cars get damaged in shipping or on the lot, and the dealers repair them and don't tell the customer about it.
Try to get your insurance agent to go to bat for you too.
Good luck.

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so what you are saying is you really do not know who damaged you're car, yet you demand the dealer give you a new car in return? GET REAL. If you're car gets hit in the wal-mart parking lot, do you make wal-mart buy you a new car? Sh-- happens. this kind of thing happens all the time, and not just at dealer lots. I am not saying that a dealer employee did not damage the car, but isn't it possible another customer did it?
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They admitted that one of THEIR lot drivers that move cars around hit the vehicle. They young lady hit it with one of the new Honda civics she was off loading from a transporter and from what I have been told wasnt all that well versed on manual trannys which the car she was in had.
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HawaiianCamaro go get your car!

I would document all that has happened from memory as best you can recall. Use dates, times, names and any other details you can remeber. Type it up all nice and pretty then get a copy of it (and copies of the pics)to your insurance company agent and make a claim. (you do have full coverage on a new car don't you?)

The dealer has good insurance, the car was in their posession when it was damaged (on their lot at the service center) and they ARE liable-especially since they admit one of their employees caused the damage.

What ever you do, do not let this dealer try to keep your insurance company out of the picture. Let YOUR agent handle the claim through YOUR insurance company. They will get reimbursed from the dealer's ins. company or sue them for the difference- and they will get it too!

If this were my car I would have the body shop of MY choice (not this dealer!) handle the repairs to my specifications. You may want to talk about this in detail with your agent to make sure it is acceptable. Research the local body shops, find out who does the best work. Get several estimates. Turn these in to your agent. Get the car fixed. If the car does not look 100% right to you after repairs, sell it!

You will waste more money retaining a lawyer and suing the dealer than you would lose from selling the car slightly below your purchase price. There is no way the dealer will give you a brand new car, even though I also think (along with everybody else )that you should get one!

Just take a deep breath, count to ten and repeat after me- At least it wasn't my Camaro (repeat)!

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I don't know about Honda, but Chyrsler has that 5 star rating plan, I'm sure that the dealership wouldn't want you to call in a factory rep to debate this issue, it may have a very adverse effect on their dealership rating which in this day and time is very important to them. Just a thought to put in the back of your mind. Just another thought, who have you talked to at the dealership? Have you talked to the general manager or owner? The service manager might be afraid to tell his boss,and everything is being done undercover. I can't imagine everyone hiding this. Good Luck, a lot of good advice said here.
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We had problems with our 2000 Honda Odyssey Minivan (its the wifes). we had numerous problems with the brakes squeaking and they had to be rebuilt three times. We talked to everyone we could including Honda corporate. We were told repeatedly that it is always the position of Honda to fix the vehicle. We argued and argued and eventually we ended up making a deal with the Honda dealer. They sold us a new 2002 Odyssey, threw in a bug guard and roof racks (about $850 in accessories) and put on the tow package for the cost of parts. All total we paid @24,600 for the new one and they gave us 21,500 trade in on our 2000 Odyssey with 32,000 miles on it. A couple of things helped the deal:
The guy at Honda corporate agreed to and gave our dealer and extra alotment (sent them one more then they would have gotten) so it did not hurt their bottom line for the month, and our sales guy lobbied on our behalf and the service manager was lobbying for us also.
So after this long story my advise is:
1. Stick to your guns in a nice manner (**** them off and your screwed)
2. Work deals between them.
3. Talk to you salesman, they shoud be able to help
4. talk with everyone and be willing to buy a new car but they should be willing to give top dollar on trade in andf reduce the sales price.

Good luck and if you want to talk more, you are welcome to send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Good Luck
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post #12 of 15 (permalink) Old Nov 25th, 01, 04:51 AM
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Three times on the brakes?That sounds like it could fall under the lemon law.You may have been entitled to a free replacement.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by 67FREAK:
so what you are saying is you really do not know who damaged you're car, yet you demand the dealer give you a new car in return? GET REAL. If you're car gets hit in the wal-mart parking lot, do you make wal-mart buy you a new car? Sh-- happens. this kind of thing happens all the time, and not just at dealer lots. I am not saying that a dealer employee did not damage the car, but isn't it possible another customer did it?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

It wouldn't matter even if they didn't know who hit the car! You can't compare getting hit in a parking lot to leaving your car with the dealer for service and having your car damaged..

I'd want it replaced also but it's not gonna happen. Jeff - you don't have to accept the car unless it's fixed correctly in your eyes! Get a rental from them and let them know you expect the repairs to be perfect up front!

My wife was rearended in a 6mo old 4door dodge spirit. It didn't have more than 4000 miles on it and not a scratch prior to the accident. The trunk and both rear doors wouldn't open. It turned out the person that hit us had the same insurance we did and to total the car was going to cost them about $12K and they weren't gonna do it!! The repairs came to $3800 and when the car was done I met the insurance guy at the repair shop. One rear 1/4 bowed out (bondo) the other didn't have straight lines on it. Both rear doors didn't fit properly. I didn't accept it and told them I wanted new parts not bondo as stated up front. I reminded them of the cars low mileage and orig condition. The ins agent authorized the 1/4's this time and I drove away in a rental... Long story short!! We drove their rental for over 6 months before accepting the car back. I found everything from bad paint, tape pinstripes instead of paint to mis-matched window tint and door panals that didn't fit right and rattled. I was shown invoices from the repair shop where the ins had paid almost $13K in repair bills. This car cost me $12K to begin with!! It was fixed right finally though!!

We looked into the lemon law but the rental and the fact that the car wasn't deemed unsafe to drive after the first set of repairs kept it from qualifing.

The point I'm making is you're dealing with people and some will cut off their nose to spite their face!! If the dealer thinks you want something for nothing he'll go to great expense to keep you from getting it!! Your job is to be sure it's fixed correctly Jeff!!

"The '69, the '96 & the club"
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Hawaii-man...Get your ducks in a row and water-bound:

1) Who's liable? The dealer says it was "hit by someone in the waiting line". If this person was not employed by the dealer, your issue isn't solely with the dealer.

2) Why were you not contacted immediately after the event. Why were you not notified and given details of the accident as a matter of course? Why were you still not told of the accident even as you were pointed to your car? What other details of this accident are you unaware of? This shows a pattern of withholding the truth which puts you in a better negotiating position.

There may be hit-and-run charges that need to be filed. Regaredless, call today and file a accident report with the authorities. You may be told that since the accident occured on private property they can do little. You let the authorities know that you're in fight over responsibility and compensation and they will file a report. Show up with a cop at the dealership...let the dealer know (indirectly) you're preparing legal battle.

3) A new car would be stretching it. I'd ask for a comparably mileaged and optioned replacement (undamaged/unrepaired). I'd also ask for a loaner until the issue gets sorted out. I think thats fair. Let the dealer come up with the plan to replace your car with a comparably mileaged, undamaged/unrepaired, like-optioned, car. If they decide to go a new one, then fine, but your request would be viewed as reasonable compensation.

4) Lastly, get your insurance co. involved. They have a dog in this fight if you carry under-insured/non-insured coverage, which would be used if satisfactory terms aren't agreed to by you and the dealer and the driver of the other car.

You'll win but not without a fight. Fasten your chin-strap.
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HEY HEY HEY got the Honda back today and the only downside of it was that it took so long. Car had been done for a while now just wasnt up to what we wanted it to be. Turned out to be more damage than they first thought.

David all new sheetmetal as you recommended and no filler.

They did give us a loaner vehicle to use but we turned it back in when I got the wife her camaro. Not sure what we will do with the Honda now but one thought is to let my Neice who will be attending college this fall use it for transportation.

Anyway were happy its fixed and back in its regular parking spot.

Jeff 67/68 & 69 RS's
65 442

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