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i bought a 67 camaro for 500 bucks at a yard in california, it had its fender pushed in and the engine had been blown, i fixed it up with a camm and kept the same 327 just got a lot of great @##$ from summit auto racing, anyways its all together wiring interior ect, now that i look back i probally have altogeter 8500.00 and i feel the car is classified as good condition, but the title says salvaged can this ever be removed it gives a bad impression like the cAR was in a huge wreck i think back in the 90's when i was in los angeles people gave up there cars to the state and recieved $500, part of the get the junkers off the strip thing only wish they would do the same with all the furniture in front of homes and appartments eheheheheh, anyways is there a way to ever get the title free of this and doesnt really take away from the value of the car, i mean you would never know it unless you saw the pink slip because the car doesnt show any thing anyways please help god bless

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Yes I believe it is possible to wash the pink but I don't know how or the details of doing it. Sounds like you have a nice 67 for $8500.
By the way, welcome to the site.

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Washing the title can be done but it is a bit of a "shady" practice. On a regular street driven 4 door sedan like I have it makes a difference in the marketabillity of the vehicle. I drive a 94 Honda Accord with a salvage title. If I try to sell it there is no standardized way to determine a price. The books only price non-salvage title vehicles so the price is not easy to determine. Only the buyer and seller need to agree but you can bet the buyer will use the salvage title to lever the price way down. There is a reason for the word "salvage" to be branded on the title. For you to remove it is deceptive to a buyer. You bought the car cheaper because of it.

In referece to this car, I doubt that it would have that much effect on the price. These types of cars are more or less immune to the effects of mileage and salvage titles. I would not consider looking at the odometer of a first generation Camaro I was interested in buying at this point. The salvage title would not mean that much to me on a Camaro. On the Accord, I got a 2 year old car that was freshly repainted and looked and ran great inside and out for much less than the going rate. I have been very satisfied with the car for the last 6 years or so and it has over 100K miles on it with only an occasional repair consistent with a regular non-totaled vehicle.

It would not matter to me about the salvage title but it might matter to someone. You might find yourself on 60 minutes some day where they do that title washing story every couple of years or so. I would not do it as it is just not worth it IMHO.

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Once a salvage title, always a salvage title or at least thats what was intended.

If you keep it forever, whats the big deal. But if you are trying to sell it, thats the reason for the salvage title. To protect some future buyer for buying a POS. I am not saying yours is a POS, but there are a whole lot that are and who's to say which is a good car and which is a death trap. See what I am saying? That was the intention of the law, to make sure the buyers were aware that the car was once scraped. There were salvage yards piecing cars back together from many other cars and selling them as one-owner cars in mint condition, they just happened to be traded in a junk yard.

I hope I did not offend you but do not attemp any illegimate title transformation. If the next owner finds out, you could be sued, prosecuted for fraud and end up in jail. They take these things seriously..
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You guys did not offend me however you guys plain and simply do not know the answer to my question, i had to call the DMV in California to get the answer very nerve wracking, once a vehicle has the word "salvaged" on it it can be removed by getting the vehicle inspected at an authorized DMV vehicle inspection point, which is actually a division of the DMV in itself. The vehicle must if over the year 1974 pass all smog and emmisions test if it is pre-1974 it doent have to pass the same smog test but at the same time you dont want blow-by coming out or thick smoke. The inspection and the new title can run up to 30 bucks. I hope since i have found the answer others may benefit god bless!!
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What the DMV told you is partially true. The salvage brand will be removed from the title. The title they give you should say Prior Salvage on it. They do this to conform to Federal law that requires that wrecked vehicle titles be branded to protect the consumer.

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What you guys are forgetting is these are different states, some like different countries (Texas, Hawaii, Calafornia,) anyway, what is legal especially with Auto's is VERY different from state to stay in some cases. Just my 2 cents.

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yes in a way you are both right!! I am taking about the law in california. I am saying you can get a clear pink slip title from the DMV if the salvaged vehicle is restored back to operational specifications in accordance with the DMV California transportation codes which require,
a. emmissions test
b. safety lights, horn, everything electrical
all around.
c. your car has to be all together no missing door hood ect, i know many people in los angeles have this problem ehehehe!!

but you get the picture this is the only way to get a salvaged vehicles previous history off, besides if its all back together it may not matter to alot of people, go to car shows ive seen people buy a frame to a 67,68,69. even early 70's and i know the vin had to be salvaged at one time trust me if there is will there is a way God Bless, remember i am not talking about any other state DMV laws except what the law is on salvaged vehicles in the STATE of california where mine was first born GOD BLESS MY 67 CAMARO GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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km2000 - I am by no means an expert on all the motor vehicle laws in CA but I have been around the block and believe you have gotten some bad information from the DMV folks you spoke with. Once a title certificate has been replaced with a salvaged certificate in CA there is no process to reverse it that I could find. www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/brochures/howto/htvr16.htm will explain what a salvage certificate is and how one gets issued to a vehicle.

There are ways if you don't have a title for a vehicle that you can get one issued, www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/brochures/howto/htvr14.htm explains how that is done. I think the person you spoke with at DMV may have thought there was no title.

I've seen enough news shows (60 min, 20/20 ect) on automotive fraud to know most states don't provide a legal means to remove the salvage title. The common practice is to go out of state and claim no title and have a new one issued. I believe it's a federal offense to do this though I may be incorrect.

By the way I don't know of any vehicle inspection stations in CA. The CHP does inspections, here are guidlines they follow when inspecting. www.dmv.ca.gov/vehindustry/ol/vverinst.htm

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i may have gotten mis-information however i have gotten my vehicle inspected in lod angeles at an inspection point in los angeles and i dont recall a uniform law enforcement officer doing it, anyways the vehicle has a pink slip, howver in the previous history block sort of in the middle it says prior history salvaged, the vehicle has current plates and stickers, i cant help it if at one time years ago someyone hit something or crashed it, however when i bought it at a yard the frame was intact and the right fender was smashed and the engine was blown maybe the repair was more for the insurance company so they took the cheap way out like "ALL" insurance agencies do.

Anyways I could of gotten bad info you know how long it takes to get anything going at a DMV IN L.A half the people dont speak english no offense to antone but even if they do speak english they cant comprehend what you want from them because they are very untrained well i will call again and ask several more people, by the a salvaged title still alows you to sell the vehicle and alows you to operate it, you are merly disclosing information by law on its history, however im sure if terrorists can come to our homeland and get a DMV drivers licence their has to be a way after you restore a 67 camaro and in most cases realistically most restored camaros are better today with the technology out there then when they came off the assembly line, I know some of you disagree with that but im not fooling with points and junk no more take care god bless.....
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Virginia Residents:
Salvage and Nonrepairable Vehicles: Repaired/Rebuilt Vehicle Examinations
Before DMV issues a vehicle title for a repaired or rebuilt salvage vehicle, a DMV special agent must conduct an anti-theft examination. In order for an examination to be scheduled, the requestor must contact the appropriate DMV Investigative Services District Office to schedule a examination. When the examination is completed, the requestor must submit the following to DMV:
Salvage Certificate Original IS 22A Form
Original IS 22B Form (Report of Examination of Repaired or Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle) indicating approved examination and whether or not branding is required. This form is completed by the DMV special agent who conducts the exam. $25.00 Anti-Theft Examination Fee
$10.00 Substitute title fee
The percentage of damage listed on the original salvage record will determine if there is to be a brand noted on the new title.

If the vehicle record indicated the damage as 75 percent or less, DMV will issue a certificate of title with no brand. There is no requirement for additional notification to a new purchaser.

If the vehicle record indicated the damage to be between as 76 percent to 90 percent, DMV will issue a certificate of title with the brand "SALVAGE REBUILT" printed on it. This brand is permanent and will be carried forward for each title issued for the life of the vehicle.
Note: Each new purchaser must receive the title and a notification form (VSA59) REBUILT SALVAGE VEHICLE DISCLOSURE STATEMENT."

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Re: 67 camro salvaged title

interesting issue this forum has been out of sight for a while so i wonder what some new input would say.
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Re: 67 camro salvaged title

I think Alabama was the last state to require titles b/c of a young newly-wed couple getting killed when his 'Vette fell apart into two-pieces going down the road b/c it was bought not knowing that it was salvaged out of two cars!!

They just used a BOS if not mistaken for years and years AND yes a lot of cars got re-titled in Alabama back then if not mistaken b/c of their lax titling laws..

My Buddy that live's down south of B'ham could tell us in a heartbeat!!


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Re: 67 camro salvaged title

young newly-wed couple getting killed when his 'Vette fell apart into two-pieces going down the road b/c it was bought not knowing that it was salvaged out of two cars!!
That really sux!

Its cheaper to be poor!
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Re: 67 camro salvaged title

Knightmoose 2000....... i would be really interested in hearing more about your car....Back in late 80's i wrecked a 67 in Orange county (Huntington Beach). I was only 19 and could not afford to get the car back from the yard much less be able to pay to repair... May be the same car??
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