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post #1 of 25 (permalink) Old Aug 22nd, 02, 04:50 PM Thread Starter
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http://www.geocities.com/abayachi2/68camaro4sale.html goto this link to see car im buying:

Well it it goes, i found this car for $8,000
I offered $7,000 based on its condition and provided I was able to get it checked out by a certified mechanic that has a lift to also check for rust and leaks ect... Anyways I got the money for the car and suggested that this saturday would be good to get things going on the sale. My problem occured when he said that there is a lien on the vehicle, and he has to pay the bank off. He says I could take the car and keys give him the check, and he would get the title to me ASAP. I do tend to think he would be honest, but growing up in LOS ANGLELS has made me a little street smart, and not trusting of any1. What should I do?. Wait to go with him to the bank?. Trust that he will pay the lien and get me the title and the paper work from the bank saying the lien is removed?. I know it is common for people to sell their cars with liens on them but man i thought he had title clear, Legally I can't just drive off in the vehicle after paying him can I?. Is there a written aggreement we can draw up like on paper or something for him to sign that might bond him a little more well please help thanx god bless..!!!!!!!!

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Senior Tech
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I would just go with him to the bank and have the bank hand you the title when he pays the balance owed on it.

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Tech Team
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This is odd. If the car has a lien, the bank is the owner and the guy can't even sell the car unless he pays the bank off first. I would go to the bank with him as the previous post said.

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If the bank is not readily available, get a bill of sale that is legal in your state, give him the money, take the car. First call the bank to see what the payoff is, if it is more than what you are giving for the car be careful. If the bank is local, just go with him to the bank with certified funds or cash, give the bank what they want and give the seller the balance and do all paper work right there. Any body can sell a car whether it has a lien or not but the lien must be satisfied before the buyer can reregister the vehicle. If you have a bill of sale and receipt for funds and you have the car, you will get clear title but it could be a nightmare.
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Location: los angeles california
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yes it could be a nightmare and I think the best thing to do is goto the bank with him. If he insists on giving me the car on saturrday when the bank is closed then i will say it is against the law to drive the car with ownership paper-work. This is ridiculous, i have never heard of buying a car that wasnt paid off first. Homes are sold that way but they have written contracts binding you befere escrow at the title company. I have to really watch how I play this one, the guy is young early 30's. Im in my early 30's and I know how those 30 somkething year old's act, they are smart enough to scam you hehehehe!!!!god bless you your camaro, your american family and god bless america!!!!!!!!!
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What the seller is saying sounds legit. I have bought & sold lots of cars that either I or the other party still owed money on. Thats just the way the deal works. Do you have reason to think this guy doesn't really have a title for the car? As long as you know where he lives & you have his phone number, you can always get even if he screws you.
my 2 cents
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I just bought a car (actually a car minus the engine and transmission) that had a leinholder on the title, but I also have a document from the bank (leinholder) saying the lein was satisfied and what remains is to have the title re-issued without the lein on it. However, I have to disagree with Brichead, that's not "the way the deal works". You could end up getting screwed. That guy could pack-up and move overnight leaving you with a car you don't own! I don't know about you, but I don't take chances throwing $7K around like that.
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yes I think your right killer 67 camaro, i will show him the check to confirm my intrest in buying the vehicle. I do not know the seller and he probally wont rip me off but like you said it does happen and unfortunetly we live in a world where you cant take risks. So if he wants the money he will have TO MEET ME AT THE BANK AND GIVE ME THE TITLE. I called the DMV and they said the bill of sell means nothing because there is a title out there and if there is a lien on the car, it means he doesnt totally own it so both parties, the bank and the seller would have to do the deal. The bill of sell wouldnt protect me. I was also told that he could sell me the vehicle then take off or even say i didnt give him the money for the car at all, then i would be in a court battle. He may also give me the car but if he doesnt pay the lien then i could be stuck with no title until it is satisfied so, bottom line no title no money!!!!!.
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There is no way I would give him a check, take the car and wait for the title. I wouldn't even do that for my sister, mother maybe, stranger NO WAY.

You need to cover your butt, and the both of you go to the bank and do the transaction.

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Team Member
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Yup, go to the bank with him - your check gets endorsed to the bank, the bank clears the lien and gives you the title, and he gets whatever's left over after clearing the lien. Only way to do it - lots of horror stories are based on "trust".

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if that car look's anything in person as it doe's in the pic's here it would sell for 10K easy ! good looking car I like those cragar's they have come back in style the last couple year's

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well yes it does look good and it is in good shape, i want to get it so badly tommorow but the risk is greater, besides he doesnt have it in the paper for sale, also he even took the sale sign out of the window so i think i need to drink a MGD and relax it isnt going anywhere and i could get ripped off if im not careful.
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David Pozzi
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Go to the bank and close the deal.
Failing that, at least make your check out to the bank for the payoff amount, not the seller, and write what it is for on the check.

Have the bank sign off, and stamp their stamp on the vehicle registration as proof the lien is removed.

Sometimes the bank has to send for the actual "pink" slip, it will be mailed to you.

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Tech Team
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without title or some proof of ownership in hand, DO NOT walk away from your money!! Several years ago I almost got burned by a guy I thought was a friend. Everything eventually turned out good, but only with the threat of posible jail time chasing closely after him. Just handle it like everyone suggests, go to the bank with him & close the deal. Terry
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post #15 of 25 (permalink) Old Aug 24th, 02, 03:46 PM Thread Starter
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Location: los angeles california
Posts: 33
well here it goes i bought the car after meeting the guys mother, wife, and baby at his house in south bend. The check i got was a bank draft through my credit union, basically a loan in the amount not to exceed 7000. On the front it requires the VIN# MODEL AND ODOMETER and it requires both the seller and buyer to sign before he could get it cashed. I reviewed his registration and determined that it was in fact his car in his name. The bank that has the title is a local bank, and i do feel he will do the right thing. I gave him the check and took the car with his registration card and a written note stating he sold me his car for 7 thousand with signature and phone in case i get pulled over by the law. I also told him it would be in his best intrest to get the car out of his name ASAP because, technically he is still liable. I think he can be trusted but i do feel that yes all of your comments were very accurate!. Now i have to hope he follows through or go to court but I dought it will go that way. As of right now he promises by tuesday it will be done with, nd i do know where he lives.

I did notice the following things after driving it all day that i didnt before the purchase,

a) the dome light doesn't turn on when you open the door, but does turn on when you turn the light switch to the on position.

b) the fuel light on the guage is on at night you know illuminated, however the speedometer light doesn't work at night on its side, probally a bulb.

c) the speedometer at 80-or so, goes crazy back in forth. He did say its like 5mph over than actural mile mph but he gave me a new cable insert he bought.

d) All the interior is in good condition however when i reached down to the kick panel to close the vent, the nob on the rod broke off into 2 pieces, and in catalogs they dont sell the nob only the entire damm kick panel man !!!!!!!!!!!!

e) The cars brakes dont work well at all at high speeds. drums all the way around.

f) I hear a bumping noise when going over bumps in the rear right side of the vehicle. Maybe shocks, springs are bad?.

g) When i turn a sharp turn, I hear a poping noise in the front.

My prognosis the car has a good body in tact interior, it does run good however it is in original stock condition so its not a racer more a good reliable crusier.

It needs bulbs. I would guess probally shocks and minor suspension work, meaning its not pulling to either side even when applying brakes.
Basically i got what i paid for, i didnt get ripped off and neither did he, he gave me a car thats probally worth 8000 depending where you are at, maybe more in some places maybe less in others so no i dont feel i will get stiffed but yes im hoping i dont and all i will have is myself to blame becuase you all told me. But its unlikely they have 2 other cars, his baby is only 8 mths old, hes not a imature individual and his wife and family are very trusting people, at least I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!
god bless you, and god bless america and my 68 camaro i now own, behind my 67.

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