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I am in the process of upgrading a 350 I had laying around. This engine I thought had dished pistons in it but ended up being .030 over with cast stock type flat a whopping .053-.055 in the hole. Apparently the block has never been decked. I am adding a set of vortec heads and wanted to use a fel-pro 1094 head gasket (.015x4.100, rubber embossed steel shim) to help out on the compression, but am concerned that the 1094's may not seal well with an original deck, and 1 of the water passages in the block has some pitting around it on the deck surface, so I am also afraid this may be a problem also. It sealed just fine with a standard set of fel-pro composition head gaskets (that is what was on it). I would like to use as thin of a head gasket as possible and do not want to deck the block. Would the 1094's be ok, or would I be better off finding a thin composition head gasket? I think gm makes a .028 thick one but believe it has a stainless steel face on 1 side. I think someone had mentioned a victor gasket that was .028.

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