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actually i've got a 511 block thats a 2 bolt, some were made, i belive they were replacements or something.
and even though vizard doesn't mention it, 2 bolt 400's are preferred in performance applications, and the best way is a 2 bolt drilled for splayed 4 bolt caps, but thats only if your looking at lots of horsepower ( over 500, and higher rpms imo) or nitrous. with the larger bore of the 400, the extra holes (drilled straight, as factory) just weaken the main web, since there isn't much meat left there with the 4.125 bore. you end up with the main caps moving around and flexing, with bearing failure not far behind. ask around with guys that build 400's a lot, like the 410 class sprint car guys and such.
but really, as silver69 says, the 4 bolt is just fine to certain horsepower levels, but if you start exceeding 450+, a 2 bolt with studs, or a splayed four bolt is the ticket with a stock block.
and oh yeah, there is no way i would consider anything but the 400, you will make more power with all else being the same, and the torque is awesome [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]


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