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I am also running a 010 020 block.
1. I would shop around and look for a great (not good) machine shop. The owner will take the time to show you around and will talk to you about what you want to have done. His shop will be clean and organized. I used a guy up in SAN MATEO Ca. named Al Liest. Great guy.
2. install an ARP stud kit after having the block cleaned, I would run a tap through the bolt holes.
3. have the mains checked for alignment (if need be gat it ligned HONED not bored as this removes to much metal)
4. have the deck surfaced
4. bored to the next standard overbore that you need, probably .030 over. finished hone with a deck plate.

Before you get the machine work done though you need to purchase all of your riciprocating parts (pistons, rings) and have all of you other parts reconditioned so that the machinist knows where to set the clearances for these parts and how to finish the cylinders.

I spent alot of money on my crankshaft by haveing it turned 010/010 and then polished and re-nitrided for hardness. The I bought new rods (Eagle 4340) and pistons and rings and had everything balanced. I also had the check my balancer (which lead me to by a Fluidamper) because it turned out to have a cracked hub.

My complete set-up is a little extreme but I would rather spend the money on good parts and work than have it break!!!

As far as you heads go you will definatly need some work on them. Read How to build CHEVY Small Blocks on a budget. Lots of good INFO.

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