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Re: QJet Experts: Need pictures or help with idle vent valve

Originally Posted by RSSSfanatic View Post
.....To add to the confusion, I read that some models have a thermostatic bi-metal strip that is supposed to open the valve at temperatures above 75*, and the rod is supposed to close the valve for off-idle operation.
The bi-metal strip on my 67 327/275 was on the back (rear) side of the carb, facing the distributor. It was covered by a stamped metal piece that screwed to the rear of the carb. Overall, the stamped piece was a rectangle and was mounted long side up and down. You can see where I'm describing in the picture below. I believe the wire rod you are describing is used on the bowl vent on the top front of the carb and has nothing to do with the temperature sensitive vent.

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