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Re: Big Block Blueprinting and Edelbrock Top End Kit

Brand new pistons; no reason to NOT use them if the block checks out OK.

Just to be sure, your pistons look like this one (except this one is .020) correct???:

Just looked in my vintage Chev Power book and it calls for .0065 clearance measured at the center line of the wrist pin hole, perpendicular to the pin. That is even more than I was thinking. Guess the big block with the bigger slugs requires more clearance than my LT-1. I got mine at .005 and have zero piston slap even stone cold.

If I were building this motor, I would use Chris' recommendation of AFR heads. I would also use whichever hydraulic roller he recommends, and follow his directions exactly.

575 hp will be lots of fun.

Good luck.

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