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Re: The difference between AM and FM antennas

Originally Posted by theTank69 View Post
Related antenna question: The guy I bought the camaro from put in a am radio, says there is a fm antenna, is this a problem?
now there is no sound coming out of the radio, not even static. Do I need to change antennas.

He had put in a 20a fuse in the radio spot which was blown, I replaced it with a 10a fuse like the fusebox says. He wired another speaker in the second ground spot, so I wired all the speaker into the skr spot and put in a ground wire on the gnd spot to the frame.
Does this radio have a internal fuse?
How can I save this radio?

Please help,
Newbie theTank69
I also have an AM radio in my camaro.I thought it was dead,
I pulled it out, cleaned it up, I then hooked it to a charger, and used a coat hanger as an antenna and it works.when I put it back in the car,with the car antenna it can't catch any stations. why?
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